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Monday, January 09, 2006

Exhausted but happy.

Did you have a nice relaxing weekend, but have a tendency to feel guilty about not getting too much stuff done around the house? Then don't read this. We went, as Joel likes to say, "hog-nuts" this weekend. Recap:

On Friday over my lunch break, I bought paint for Gus's room (Benjamin Moore's "Crown Point Sand") and the basement bathroom (Manda Mudd's "Megan"). Friday evening, Joel took Lucy ot Menard's to buy painting supplies, and I went out to dinner (Enjoy! in Apple Valley) with Mandy and her girlfriends -- it was fun to meet some new people.

Saturday morning, I taped off Gus's room while Jean picked up my p's at the airport. Then Gramps and Gram ("Googly Goo") watched Lu all day while Jean and I primed Gus's room and Joel painted the basement bathroom. Saturday evening was my company holiday party in Brooklyn Center, followed by a birthday party at the Richfield American Legion for Joel's sister Jamie, Joel's sister Julie's boyfriend Kaz, and Aaron Briner.

Sunday, I took my folks to the airport and then stopped by Ikea with Lucy. We bought her a new dresser and a toddler table-and-chairs set, plus some curtains and rugs for Gus's room. Joel's p's came over to watch Lucy and to help Joel start tiling the basement bathroom floor -- I re-taped (stupid blue tape!) and started painting Gus's room. At 3:30 Casey (a guy at my work) and his wife and two boys came over to adopt Hobo from us, which they did. When they left, Joel and I finished painting Gus's room, then I made a run to Target (Lucy was down to ONE diaper). After Lu went to bed, I assembled some of the Ikea furniture before bed.

  • Grandparents are AWESOME.
  • Sisters who help paint are awesome too.
  • The Richfield American Legion is very smoky.
  • The 16-year-olds who work at Ikea can be very helpful and friendly, if you just ask.
  • Benjamin Moore makes some really nice paint.
  • Taping a room well, before painting, makes the painting part super-duper painless.
  • Life without a dog is much simpler.
  • We are going to have a new baby NEXT MONTH. ARGH!

Now I have to work five whole days in a row. But DANG do I feel GOOD!!


Heather said...

Did you get rid of Hobo forever?

...Heather (ready to have this baby any second!)

Meg said...

"Forever" is tough to predict, and we DID offer the family that we would be happy to dog-sit for vacations, etc. I also said that if it didn't work out, we could certainly take him back. However... it's probably for good. It's sad. But, I hope, it's for the better.

Alison Strobel Morrow said...

Aw, that's a shame you had to give up Hobo. But my gosh, I can't imagine having a dog and a baby, much less a dog and TWO babies. I'm impressed you did it for as long as you did. Does Lucy miss him?

And holy cow, girlfriend--where did you get the energy to do all that?! After about month 7 I became one with the couch.

I can't believe you're having a baby next month.

MC said...

I'm jealous of your productive weekend. Congrats on checking things off the to-do list! Always a great feeling. We were sick and did mostly nothing.

Rebecca said...

Wow! You are wonder woman!

Any special theme for Gus's room? We're doing animals of some sort...maybe we'll be lucky and find out for sure with this next ultrasound in 2 weeks!

So sad Hobo is gone---but probably less stressful. He was like having another kid around!

Can't believe baby is due next month! Aaahhh! So exciting!

Meg said...

No particular theme, per se, but kind of a "Mediterranean" look is what I'm going for.
The walls are a basic, neutral taupe. Bright blues with warm yellows and oranges (or, more "saffron" than orange) accents. I'm hoping for a bright, warm feel since the room is north-facing. As far as decorations, if it's a boy we could later add some pictures of boats, and if it's a girl it could be yellow flowers. We shall see...