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Friday, January 27, 2006

Real Men Eat Lots and Lots of Quiche

Hey there, things have been better the rest of the week. I picked up a stinker of a stuffy nose after water aerobics on Wednesday, and Lucy has a fever of 102-103 (but no other symptoms) but other than that we are all doing great. Gus is kicking up a storm, and I have my 36-week checkup today (results to follow).

Lucy's been super-funny recently about pretending everything is a phone. (Flash-forward to teenage years.) She takes a shoe, or a stuffed animal, or a pre-wrapped sausage, holds it up to her ear, and says "hello!" and then various other gibberish, and then "go!" We get such a kick out of her.

The Watsons came over last night, bearing dinner (feasty quiche!!) and dessert (homemade blueberry muffins!!). How on EARTH did we get so lucky, to have such amazing neighbors? All three toddlers LOVED the quiche, and we grownups polished off two whole pie-pans full. It was so wonderful of them -- thanks again, guys!

And it's Friday! Yay! I have a massage scheduled first thing tomorrow morning, and then Ellen's coming into town and we're going to try to go to TwinsFest, as long as we're all relatively healthy.

Big HAPPY BIRTHDAYS to Alison and Nikki today. Hope you girls have great days, respectively!

Oh, and we need some help on the girl-name front. I'm open to accept some lengthy and biased opinions on the names at right. Go!


Rebecca said...

Ok, you want comments on the's my $.02

Hazel--Love it...very old-fashioned though...but it is beautiful.

Ruby--Like it...but I think Lucy and Ruby are too close sounding, therefore not complimenting each other as much.

Elaine--perhaps my favorite. Lucy and Elaine sound like sisters! Two totally different sounding names that complement each other.

Take it for what you will!
Did you guys decide on the boy's name?

What are some middle names?

Nicole said...

Meg, First off thanks for the birthday card. I absolutely loved it, it made me smile - very thoughtful. I appreciate your friendship and am so glad we became friends instead of remaining friends of friends.

Second, chiming in on the whole name thing - you were a great help to us. I really like Elaine but think lainey and lucy are really similar- which is kinda cute. However, in hindsight I am really glad we did not go with Paige and Payton for that reason.

Is there any significance to any of the names your are choosing from? Lucy is named after her family members as is Paige and so in choosing the second name I really wanted to stick with that as hard as it was - so that down the road Paige's name had significance and Addy's did too. I wanted them both to feel that their names were picked with significance and care. Had I not chosen Paige's name that way the first time the second one wouldn't have mattered either. If Gus turns out to be a boy you seem to have choosen a name with significance or a family name. I am sorry I forget where all the choices stemed from.

That is my .02 cents :) Good Luck, it is so tough to choose.

Meg said...

I never know if I should email back personally or just respond to comments here. Nikki, to answer your question:
There is really no significance to any of the girls' names. We covered three of our four grandmas with Lucille Dorothy, and the remaining name, Rose, is just not my favorite first name. And our families are a little goofy, where we both have a TON of people on one side (so we hesitate to single someone out to honor) and almost nobody (so, very little to choose from) on the other side.

How about Matilda?

peggles said...

my vote is for matilda. seriously. matilda gronau is my favorite.

Nicole said...

Matlidy, tildy, tillie, Mattie, cute nick names. I actually just went up the family tree a little more because we had the similar problem of the grandma's or we just didn't like the names. Shirley, Arlene??? Emma which we liked but to popular. Paige and Addy are both from great grandparents who have passed on. Which I think it would have been hard to use a name of someone who is still here and we see often and all the hurt feelings if you choose one over the other, etc.

Just a few more thoughts.. i do like Elaine too.