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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Pregnant Babes at Work

Hey, here's a couple photos of me and the other 2 preggos in my office. I'm the one in the middle. :)
Girl on the left is due exactly one month after I am; girl on the right is due 6 weeks after I.

Oh, and girl on the left wrote a song which I thought was very cute:

We 3 pregos of ALTAFI are
Bearing bellies we've gained thus far
Wide and gorgeous
We are enormous
Following our cravings galore.


peggles said...

thank you sooooooooo much for posting a beautiful preggo picture of you! you do look truely stunning, just as you described to me...just a basketball in the front!

Rebecca said...

Cutest preggo pics!

You know, you are carrying similar to how you carried Lucy, huh? Maybe it IS another GIRL! Or not.

MC said...

You all look fabulous!