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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Neverending 5th birthday

Eddie has been turning 5 for like three weeks. We celebrated with Joel's parents after our vacation...

This is Lucy's "NOT FAIR!" face:

His Superman cake, which I must admit I whipped out of thin air in about 1 hour, PHEW:
My parents came up for a visit, and I didn't get any pictures, because I stink.
His Actual birthday, March 7 (just the 4 of us):
Friends party at Wooddale Fun Zone last night (check out my sweaty son; and how much does Evie look like Carol!?):
I have to say, he has chosen some REALLY cool friends.
I also want to highly recommend Wooddale Fun Zone for kids' bday parties. They have a great deal on Wed nights because they're only open for 2 hours (but really, who needs a party to go longer than that?). The kids got to play in the indoor playground, and skate, and got dinner, dessert, and prizes, and I didn't have to do ANYthing.
The Gronaustein Bears and Too Much Birthday
Just kidding; he's been an absolute darling through the whole convoluted affair.


Carol said...

Well, duh... Evie is ADORABLE! :) I didn't even know you were back in the blogosphere. Just happened to stop by! And I can vouch for the fact that Eddie's bday party was definitely one of my kids' favorites, so far.

peggles said...

love, love, love the superman cake! very creative! how did you make the shape?
happy 5th b-day, eddie!

Julie said...

I am almost embarrassed to tell you, it was so easy. I baked a cake mix using square 8" or 9" pans -- then cut off one corner. Voila: Superman shape!

Julie said...

WHAT!??! Who is this Julie!??! Ohhh, I know, Julie Witt signed in on my computer when they were here last weekend. Hilarious. OK back to Meg.

Meg said...

OK good to be me again.