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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Gronau news

Welcome back to me! Things have become a little wild around here. Last summer, with the kids starting school in September, I decided to start working again. I picked up about 8 hours per week teaching kids' dance through Mayer Arts. It was a blast, and manageable, so when Mayer went on maternity leave I picked up 3 more classes per week. Then I got excited about Ashland Productions' ACT program and demanded to direct a show. Then I saw an ad for Editor Wanted for a small community newspaper and thought I might as well apply. I didn't get the job... and then I did.

Meanwhile, way back last summer when I decided to pick up some more work? I also picked up roller derby. I'm playing on a rec league (the "Debu-Taunts") under the umbrelly of the Minnesota RollerGirls (MNRG). I am hoping to try out for real, live MNRG this spring.

So... this has all been amazing and wonderful and scary and stressful and I am JUST so delighted to get to do it all. I'm hoping to write more, if only to document the wild times we're having.

Eddie is in school afternoons this year, so he and I are getting some wonderful time together most mornings. He turned 5 -- FIVE -- last week and got to be "Star of the Week" this week at school. He adores his teacher, Ms. Ione, and wanted to invite her to his birthday party. He's starting to read, with maybe 15 sight-words under his belt. He recently discovered drawing -- not only is he making all the letters and numbers, but he comes home from school every day with 10-15 pages of drawings. Of monsters. And more monsters. And people getting eaten by monsters.

Lucy is also really blossoming. She's gotten mad-tall and not a small amount sassy. She works her way through problems, and I'm so proud of that. She has read (by her count) 11 "chapter books," most of which are the dreaded Junie B. Jones. Lucy will be playing Gretl in a local community production of The Sound of Music this spring -- in fact, she's at a rehearsal as I type. I'm so proud of her for going through the nervewracking audition/callback process, and continuing to review her lines, songs and dances outside of rehearsal. She is SO EXCITED to be on stage. She's still taking piano (about which she is NOT excited).

OK, well, I've got a couple extra minutes -- what else do you want to know about? Let's start with roller derby. I was looking for an athletic challenge outside of co-rec softball and B-league women's volleyball, and going for the occasional jog. My then-really-only-an-acquanitance-but-now-dear-friend Sherry told me (probably in jest, now that I think about it) that I should join her in this new rec/training league roller derby that was just starting up. Sure, I thought -- it was summer and I was itching for new activity -- Joel approved the purchase of new skates; I got great deals on the rest of my gear; I didn't die in the first couplea dryland practices. Anyway, the skating muscle-memory came right back (I'd rollerbladed a handful of times since college, and when I was about 7 I used to skate up-and-down the sidewalk lots), and it was FUN to go fast and fall down.

The rec league started with 40 skaters in September -- we practice once a week for 2 hours. Spring session has 80 skaters and, we hear, a waiting list in the multiple-dozens. That first hour is the scariest hour of my week (and that's including the hour I spend with 3-year-olds in tap shoes). I spend all of Sunday afternoon in the bathroom, in prep for DTs practice. At practice we do endurance drills, falling drills, sprinting drills, starting drills. Hitting drills, blocking drills, partner drills, stopping drills. And we get to play roller derby. No joke, it makes my tummy flip over just thinking about it. But it's awesome. I have never before tested my endurance, my physical fitness, my mental toughess, like this.

Well, would you look at the time! I hope to update more often now -- as sometimes happens, the busier I get, the better I am at actually accomplishing things. Cheers!

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Heather said...

Woooohooooo! So happy to hear from the Gronaus!