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Friday, September 04, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Lucy!

Yup, Lucy is 5 as of September 2 at 3:34 AM, and this marks about 5 years of this blog! So crazy. Lucy's had an incredibly exciting and exhausting week, beginning with auditions for Annie on Monday, middling with a visit from Grampa Books, a trip to her new dance studio, and a couple bday parties, and starting to wind down with meeting her teacher, Ms. Kristie, at Nokomis last night.

A couple pictures from birthday stuff (chronologically backwards, because Blogger is as disturbingly silly as naked clowns playing string instruments):

Princess Dresses! (From Valu Thrift! Thank you Valu Thrift -- got the following 4 dresses + 2 really nice books for the same price as one lone Target fairy costume)

Lucy requested crab legs for dinner. Ed realllly liked the ice cream cake:

Chicken hat from Jean, Barbie house (with toilet and functioning washing machine) from the Books!

They don't make Dairy Queen ice cream cake like they used to. But it still tastes OK.

And one more princess dress from Auntie Ellen!

Aaaaaand.... the other day I found this COMPLETELY REVOLTING thing on my bell pepper plant. Check it out (IRL it was about 1 inch long):

Upon discovery, I was able to stop screaming long enough to tell Joel to go out and take care of it; when he did, he found that it was a dried-up, empty shell, all split up its back. I cannot imagine the horrible, disgusting changeling that emerged from this atrocity. OK, I CAN imagine. And it goes something like this:


bridget said...

Oooh! That IS scary!

Happy Birthday Lu!

Katers said...

Meg, it's a cicada! That is the shell (exoskeleton), we have them all over the place. In fact, Izzy "collects" them in her insect container and feeds them, thinking they are real.

Meg said...


Thanks Kate. :)

heather said...

I am much more horrified at that other picture. The naked ladies playing ukuleles one.

And I'm with you about the irritating way blogger posts images. I was just complaining about it to Brian. How it's bad that it's in reverse order, but what's worse is when you have, say, seven pictures to post and then have no idea what kind of order they are in since you can only do 5 at a time.

Alison Strobel Morrow said...

OH MY GOSH. Now I'm gonna have nightmares...and not because of the cicada shell...

Alison Strobel Morrow said...

OH MY GOSH. Now I'm gonna have nightmares...and not because of the cicada shell...

Jara said...

Meg that thing was WAY gross! Not sure I would have been able to take a picture of it. Glad to hear it was only a cicada and not some monster thing. Which by the way my kids have decided to be afraid of most insects at night time (not during the day) but at bed time, thereby creating a later bedtime for themselves.

Nice dresses by the way.