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Friday, September 11, 2009

Echoing the sentiments of most Minnesotans

Conversation with Eddie this morning. He had picked up the Vikings section of the PiPress and was entranced by the large, artsy illustration of Brett Favre paddling (I think what he's technically doing is "punting," but given the football connotation I think that would confuse) a Viking boat, wearing a cheesehead with Viking horns coming out of it.

Ed: What's in that cheese?

Me: Brett Favre's head.

Ed: Cheese on his HEAD!? And HORNS!? Get that cheese off of his HEAD!

Oh, little Ed, in time you will learn: you can never fully excise the cheese.


peggles said...

frickin hilarious, meg (or should i say eddie?). i'm still laughing!

pilgrimchick said...

This is certainly a phenomenon that we here in New England do not entirely understand.