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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wha wha wha WHAAAAT?

Holy moses, Lucy has TWO LOOSE TEETH. Her bottom middle two -- which makes me think this is actually happening.

Seriously, did she have to get TWO loose teeth only 4 days after starting school, which was only 8 days after turning 5?? Not fair to emotional, prone-to-tears Mama.

Also, a blog I read had "Funny things Mamas catch themselves saying" the other day, and this was my own personal contribution:

"Where are your pants and underwear? Did you say "they're tinkled"? Please show me where you tinkled. No, I mean, I see that you tinkled in your pants and underwear, but where were you STANDING when you tinkled? Please help me follow this trail of wet footprints. Thank you for showing me. Now please go get a rag so we can mop it up."

Also I forgot to mention that the day Lucy left for preschool, Eddie kept walking around the house singing the part of "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" where Timon sings "I can see what's happening... And they don't have a clue... (etc...) Our trio's down to two." It made me cry even harder.

In fun news, Joel's sister Julie got her wedding dress! And also chose the bridesmaid dresses, and I am just delighted!


Heather said...

That almost made me cry out loud. Our trio's down to two. I can't stand it.

bridget said...

Megan is seriously upset about Lucy losing teeth. Her good friend from school has lost 3 (the last one the same day we read this) and poor Megan has not 1 loose anything! She even fell and landed on her front teeth and still nothing is jiggling. She thinks it is unfair that "everyone" is losing teeth except her. I, of coourse, am perfectly happy with her keeping ALL teeth intact!