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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Carry me up, Mama

Well, I woke up today in a bit of a funk -- after weeks of feeling pretty good about life. Some days I feel like I'm really failing as a wife and mother. I really wish I had more patience with the little-kidness of my little kids: their slow feet, their selective listening and obeying, their picky eating, their trails of giant messes everywhere.

We visited another preschool last night: Crossroads Elementary in the Dale-Como area of St Paul. It's a public school where you can choose either a Montessori track or a Science track, and it's a year-round school. I'm really interested in the year-round option -- I think the traditional long summer break is detrimental to kids' learning, and I've always been the kind of person who much prefers frequent, shorter breaks over one giant break. I also think year-round schooling better prepares kids for life -- I remember a giant shock when I graduated college and entered the workforce and suddenly summer no longer existed.

Anyway, visiting the school gave me another kick in the gut that Lucy will be in school in September and I can't stop it! Depending where we choose, she'll be in a half-day program 5 days a week OR a full-day program 2 days a week. I'm sure she's ready (she's bored at home)... but she's my baby, my first baby, and it's scary sending her off into the great unwashed masses.

Ed woke up the other morning constructing more complex sentences (that sounds so dumb the way I wrote it, but Joel and I were listening to Ed go on about something the other day and Joel turned to me and said "Wow, he's taken another leap in language, hasn't he?" and it really was overnight). Every day we experience evidence of his incredibly sweet nature, whether it's sitting with him on the toilet (where he inevitably coos, "Mama, I love you SOOOOO much") or watching him interact with Lucy and his other peers (when he gets frustrated with a playmate, we watch as he'll raise a hand as if to strike the other child, then think better of it and (often) drop the hand and find another way to express himself, often vocally).

Lucy continues to work at her letters, like, ALL THE TIME. I gave her a spare 2009 calendar and she asks "What month is it? What day is it? When is September?" all the time. The other day she opened to January and wrote a different letter on every day. Well, sorta -- C and R were duplicated with some frequency.

Ed has this dinosaur coloring book, and he's obsessed with the mammoth. "It's the last mammal, Mommy!" "That's mam-MOTH, Ed." "See? Mama? The LAST MAMMAL!!"

Also he picked up a plastic camel yesterday and said "Look, Mama, it has two mumps."


Heather said...

How is it I happen so see your blogs right away? We are cyber-connected, I think!

I have a college friend who teaches at a elementary school in Colorado. It is year round and she has nothing but awesome things to say about it. She would be happy to talk to you, I'm sure, if you wanted. She actually moved there because she wanted to teach in that setting.

bridget said...

I agree that year-round school is the best for the kids, but as the teacher I have to say I really appreciate my long summers! I can't imagine that feeling of graduating and having to work ALL YEAR LONG, including all those "holidays!"

I am always constantly amazed at the thoughts and ideas the kids are able to express, especially because most of the kids I work with have so much trouble expressing themselves...could be why they see me for Speech!