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Monday, February 23, 2009

When I call on Jesus, I wear a monocle

So yesterday I was listening to "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" on NPR, and they were making fun of Michelle Bachmann (R), US Rep from Minnesota, and her crazy comment about America "running out of rich people." They mentioned a sudden overabundance of monocles and jodhpurs (I'm sorry, I'm totally not going to take the time to Google that spelling). So apparently I had monocles on the brain, because this morning I was listening to the local Christian music station and the song "When I call on Jesus, all things are possible" came on. But I kept hearing her sing "When I call on Jesus, I wear a monocle!" and it made me giggle. A lot, because it becomes a very repetetive song. Then I imagined Jesus IN a monocle. And jodhpurs. Also funny.

OK I caved, and looked up "jodhpurs" and for the record I totally guessed right. But it turns out I misspelled "repetitive." Oops.

Watched the Oscars last night and enjoyed it thoroughly. Before the show, we ate a complete 81st Annual Academy Awards dinner, complete with:

Indian honey-curry baked chicken (a'la Slumdog Millionaire) (Side note: this was delicious and the recipe was super-easy, if anybody wants it) ...

German (a'la The Reader) Hot greens-and-bacon salad...

"Pitt"-ed peaches dolled up to look like ... um... buttons?
OK it was a bit of a stretch, but I knew nobody but me would eat any "button" mushrooms, and there is a total lack of foods named "Benjamin."

"Frost/Nixon" brownies.. the only people who might get this joke were actually at dinner last night, but since that was really only 3 people I'll try to explain. Several years ago the show "Whose Line is it, Anyway?" did a bit on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?". I'm SURE you can YouTube it. Anyhoo, the multiple-choice answers were something like:
A. B
B. C
C. A
D. Richard Nixon
E. A jar of almonds

Anyway, these brownies had Frost-ing and also some almonds. I promise you, it was equal parts funny and delicious.

And to drink, of course, we had....



bridget said...

You are so dang clever!

jean said...

Here's the youtube clip. Just reading your blog made me wet my pants all over again. :)