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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Three Revelations


1. I had NO IDEA that Johnny Depp was going to play Sweeney Todd in the movie version!! I am overcome with excitement. Aiiiieeeee!!

2. I had no idea that the word "painstaking" would be split into "pains-taking." In my head, I always thought of it as "pain-staking," which, upon reflection, doesn't actually make any sense. I think I had a vague notion of someone climbing a very steep mountain using only two small wooden stakes.

3. It's probably a little too late, but I think I want to be one of Avril Lavigne's backup singers. Anyone got any connections?


Alison said...

I think the punk look would work well on you. Go for it.

Lordy, what is it about Mr. Depp that makes me so weak in the knees? Hummina-hummina... comments on painstaking, other than to say I'd never thought about it, either. But it does make the word make more sense to me. I knew how to use it, now I know WHY it's used that way. Thank you for the PSA. :)

Jara said...

I hate to be a downer, but Johnny Depp is weird and creeps me out. I really liked him as a pirate, but other than that OOHHh.
But then again I also watched american idol to see Bon Jovi and I usually don't watch that show at all.

Meg said...

Al, I know. I think it's the "mysterious-artsy-disturbed-genius" thing for me.

1,000 points to Jara for the best non-sequitur so far this week!

Or, wait, is Johnny Depp a member of Bon Jovi?

Rebecca said...

Johnny Depp...yum.

slskenyon said...

I didn't know a movie version of Sweeny Todd was in the works. However, I can certainly imagine Depp in the lead role.