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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Just more stuff...

I'm sorry I have not been writing at all recently. I don't know if it's just a summer slump, or if my routine is getting so dreadfully boring that I can't think of a single reason to put pen to paper. Or fingers to keyboard, as it were.

On Saturday it was raining, miserable, and freezing, for the first wonderful time in about four months. Eddie is apparently old enough to have formed certain short-term memories, but not old enough to remember ever having worn long sleeves before. Joel dressed him in a long-sleeve tee on Saturday morning and the kid freaked out. Screaming, beet-red, with big old crocodile tears streaming down his cheeks. Alternately clawing at his sleeves and staring at them in abject horror. It was super funny.

We told this story to the Rosenbaums, who nodded appreciatively and pointed at their daughter, Viv -- same thing! They've lived in Florida until a couple months ago, and when they put long pants on Vivian on Saturday, she too was crying and screaming and kicking her pants-legs. The babes better suck it up soon, or it's going to be a long winter.

Shout out to the Weigands for letting us trash their beautiful house Saturday night. We had such a great time, thanks!! And welcome home.

Let's see, what else is Ed saying? Oh, everything. Bish for toothbrush. Mocky for blankie or monkey. Again for again, or for "more food please." Goat, pig, duck, puppy. Ho ho ho just to be silly.

The other day Lucy, apropos of nothing and no one, said: "You're just like your mudder."

I biked for 2 hours, 40 minutes (16 miles) with Jean last night. See her blog for the complete story. I am seriously so proud of her!!

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slskenyon said...

Well done on the 16 miles--that's quite an accomplishment.