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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Rhubarb bars, so yummy in my tummy

Hi, oof, I am finally getting a few seconds to post.

Still one more weekend left of Joseph; I am really going to be sad when this is over!

I've started actively looking for dance classes to take... for me. Or, rather, dance class -- these puppies are expensive. Geez martha. I think I'm going to take a jazz class, though how much would I love to do ballet and modern, too? I will tell you. Lots.

Also ISO a class for Lucy. Ugh; I just wish there was a single studio super-close by that I knew I liked.

Today was Crazy Errands Day -- I dropped off some kitchen knives at Frank's Sharpening up on Arlington. When I picked up the knives later, I paid the old man (Frank, I presume) and told him to enjoy the rest of his day and he replied that he planned to "sit on [his] fanny." I adore oldies who say "fanny."

I also dropped off some stuff at Goodwill, hit the Maplewood Farmers' Market, grocery shopped, attempted (again) to return a shirt I bought for Lucy but that she refuses to wear, and let the kids run around for a bit at the Maplewood Mall playground. It was fun for about 20 minutes until Ed decided to escape... and then I couldn't tear him away from the exit.

This afternoon I went to the doc quick because I'd been having some weird heartbeats now and again, and also because I practically faint every time I stand up from doing something near the floor (and when you have two toddlers you are constantly doing things near the floor). My EKG was fine and they tested me for anemia (results forthcoming). I'm sure I'm fine but it was good to get checked out. My blood pressure was a little low (well, that's what Jean said; the nurse said it was "good") and I had lost 2 pounds since April so maybe I just need to eat more. So I came home and made some rhubarb bars. Oooooh they are good action. I had written a note on them: "5/26/04", meaning I made them that date too, but I have no recollection of that (although I was pregnant with Lucy at the time, so I'm not surprised I didn't remember anything). Right, so I guess I'm fine. The doc told me he sensed I was a bit of an anxious personality, which I know is true -- the problem being that I'm really not happy unless I have eight zillion things going on. If I'm quiet and sitting still, I'm probably ill or ticked off. He said I should try to reduce the stress in my life, and believe me, when I can afford a dishwasher and a live-in maid-slash-masseuse, I will jump right on it.

Our tomato plants are yielding an embarrassment of riches -- I've got seven Big Boys and 4 cups of Grapes sitting on my counter, just waiting to be put to good use. I'd like to make some salsa tomorrow, if Lisa would ever send me her stinkin' recipe!! :) :)

OK OK what else? Yesterday at lunch Eddie was crying (about something terribly insignificant, as usual) and Lucy, without looking up from her PBJ, said "Oh Eddie, cry me a river!"

Lu's also in a phase where she waits for a break in the action and then says "Mommy... I love you." It's great!

Ed is obsessed with "shish!" (fish) and any other kind of animal. He busts out all kinds of words, like "bubble" and "Elmo" and "okay!" and "Go go go go!"

I've got to try to cross some more of these little annoyances off my list of Things That Are Starting To Drive Me Crazy...

1. Sew Lucy's 2 blue dresses that have been torn all to heck since she wears them every day

2. Tape together the kids' books that Ed has ripped the pages out of

3. Take my bike in to try to figure out what parts have fallen off (since every time I ride it I hear the clanging of fallen metal behind me), and maybe to see if the brakes can be muted slightly

4. Try to sign me and the kids up for an ECFE class which you would think really shouldn't be that hard but seems to involve eight different forms to be filled out, not to mention just finding a class when my kids' ages seem to be just off the age limits for all the classes I would want

5. Divest myself of some of these baby items we no longer need. Anybody want a baby bathtub? How about two baby bathtubs? Little boy and/or toddler girl clothes? A high chair? Changing table?


CarolSue said...

Was Frank's Sharpening on Arlington like a block from Lake Phalen? And does he have a bright yellow sign in his yard? And was his house newly re-shingled? If yes - then you were about 4 houses away from our daycare. I use the sign in his yard to remember where to turn on the daycare lady's street.

BTW - you say "cry me a river" ALLLLLLL the time. :)

Seattle Nicole said...

Meg --

You are too funny! I love reading all the stories about Lu and Ed, and of course the stories about you and Joel, too! Hey -- have you been thinking about preschool for Lucy yet? I'm so bummed that Josh is going to be one of those kids that is the oldest in his class, since we'll have to wait almost a whole year before he can go (even though he's more than ready)... What's your thoughts?

Heather said...

Ahhh...another satisfying post from Lucypants. It's like my newspaper fix. I mean it. I am happy whenever I see you have a new post.

Thanks for the tip on Frank's Sharpening. I can't even cut air with our steak knives. It's tearing my french bread to bits.

Oh shoot, there was something else....oh yeah! Eddie and his animals - let's pick a day and take the kids to the MN zoo. The Wells Fargo farm is awesome and Jackson LOVES it. I have a membership so you're free and kids two and under are too.

Don't worry about the forms for ECFE. You just have to register first. I did it online. Did you find a class?

Have a good weekend - see you on Sunday! If you don't see me after the show, it means Jackson couldn't handle it and I had to leave early. I think he's coming with me again. We'll see.


Anonymous said...

A long response for Seattle Nicole.

See New York Times, June 3, 2007 article “When should a kid start kindergarten” by Elizabeth Weil which discusses numerous studies which find that late/older starters are larger, faster, more mature, and more confident at school which translates into more success over time. For example, “Labor economists . . . have found that children learn vastly different amounts from the same classroom experiences and that those with certain advantages at the outset are able to learn more, more quickly, causing the gap between students to increase over time.” Basically “Skill begets skill; motivation begets motivation. Early failure begets later failure.” Older students get a jump start and find more success in their early years at school which translates into more confidence and success later in school and life.

The link is here:

Or google “older kids at school new york times” and the article should be the first result.

Reading this longish article should leave you less bummed - mkfeeney

Rebecca said...

Got any 2T winter stuff?
(for a girl....yeah, you knew that)