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Thursday, February 22, 2007

New blogs and whatnot

New Blogs
My friend Jara now has a blog, as does my cousin Amy. Actually Amy has had one for several months; I'd just missed the loop, for some wild reason.

Also! Congrats to my friend Michelle who is relatively-newly pregnant with #2.

Please send power out to 2 of my due-any-minute preggo friends, Nicole P and Tricia. Can't wait to hear their stories!

More Whatnot
So I read this item about birthing and breastfeeding/latching in Parents magazine last night and I thought it was really interesting. Of course, I am the crazy granola mom. So I'm embracing my role. :)

"Sometimes it takes a bit longer for a newborn to latch -- and the most common reason is that the baby's sleepy because his mother was given an epidural or other labor medications."

Then they quote a gal from La Leche League, Katy Lebbing:

"Research has shown that if an epidural is administered for more than two hours, you'll have latching problems. The longer the epidural is in, the more likely you are to have trouble. ...A woman ... had an epidural for 48 hours; her baby didn't latch on for three weeks."

I had never heard before that the two were related... though I knew I was already a firm believer in both natural childbirth and breastfeeding, but I guess this info makes me feel a little better since I know I'm in the minority. Maybe I need to really strap on the Birkenstocks and learn how to become a doula or something. Always searching for my mission in life... :)

I should really try to figure out the source; I would love to read more about this "research." Usually Parents magazine is a neverending slosh of ridiculously expensive "must-haves," excessively consumeristic "great ideas" and unrealistically idealistic "safety tips."

Sample tip for raising earth-conscious kids: "Go on a hike through some nearby woods and introduce your children to the different types of plants, trees, and ecosystems in your area." This would be assuming the parent is some kind of crazy botanist with encyclopediaic knowledge about the local flora. Can you even see me? "Okay, kids, this is a tree. It's got branches. And... leaves. And here's another tree! Also with leaves. Ooh! This one looks like a bush. It has leaves, too. Here! On the ground; this is a stick. It fell off a tree. Or, a bush. And here we have some mud. And there! More mud!"


Scotty P said...

Hey Meg and Joel,

Scott and Nicole here. We are actually posting from the delivery room. They just started Nicole on pitocin (sorry if I butchered the spelling). Going to break her water in the next 2 Pudwell #2 will be born on 2/22/07, so we will call when the little one is born! Josh will be a big brother in the next couple of hours. Check for new pics very soon!!

Katers said...


Since I have a master's degree in "environmental stuff" and one of my titles is soil scientist I must tell you, we never call it mud, it is soil! :-)

I'm with you on the Parenting magazine...kinda lame.

Alison Strobel Morrow said...

I'm with you on Parents. I got it through one of those kids selling subscriptions as a fundraiser for school and I think I would have gotten more useful information from Car & Driver. I had read recently that a study had been done that showed thta women who had an epidural were less likely to breastfeed, period; it makes sense, given that quote about the baby being too sleepy to latch. We had that problem, too; I had to pump for the first week and it SUCKED. I was so relieved when I tried to nurse her and it worked. But I was so sad in the hospital when she wouldn't. :(

Dude, you'd make a great doula. Hey, you should look into doing the hypnobirthing training--in fact, we could do it together! I'm going to do of these days...

Re: your local least you live somewhere similar to where you grew up. There are, like, a hundred different kinds of palm trees, can you believe it? Talk about having no idea what stuff is!

Heather said...

If you become a doula, we will hire you! Seriously. The next time we have a baby I want to get one...see if we can avoid the holy hell that was my first delivery. I have to believe it cannot possible be that bad twice, but I am going to do what I can to make sure! I have read that a doula can really lower the risk of having a 2nd c section.

Sometimes going for a walk and just hearing, "That's a tree and it has leaves" is a good thing. When you're married to an entomologist, nature is never that simple. :)

Hope you're surviving the "storm of the century!" Ha ha ha! I think we currently have 1/4 inch of snow.

Love to the kids!