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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Meg is an Idiot

In which I attempt to burn down my house and kill my entire family in their beds

Replacement breast pump parts: $30
Replacement baby bottles: $13
Replacement favorite nonstick 8-quart soup pan: Who even knows; it was part of a set.
One call to Poison Control: Free, actually, it's a toll-free number.
Waking up to the smell of noxious fumes and thinking "why does my bedroom smell like noxious fumes?" and going back to sleep for a couple hours: Priceless!

Need I continue, or are you getting the gist? I got home from softball last night at 10:45 and thought it would be a good idea to sterilize my pump parts, plus some of Ed's bottles, while I showered. Only, I forgot to turn off the stove, and went to bed.


bridget said...

Good one Meg! Motherhood does that to you! Everyone does goofy things when they are tired. Just be glad that you all lived to laugh about it.

Neighborina Nicole said...

Oh my goodness, Meg! Yikes! Glad everything turned out ok ... and let me know if you need to borrow my 8 qt. soup pan. :) If not, Marshall Fields is having a great sale on all of their cookware while Macy's moves-in.

Maybe this calls for a glass of wine tonight after the kids go to bed?

Alison Strobel Morrow said...

OH MY GOSH! Wow, praise God all that got ruined were those things. Did I ever tell you about the time my dad nearly burned down the kitchen trying to boil water to make my mom tea?

neighborina nicole's mom said...

It's just stuff, not you, thank goodness. And it's the stuff that builds family lore. People still talk about the time I burnt up a whole dress in the dryer. Or the time our son destroyed a whole microwave trying to cook popcorn (and the smell, oh the smell ... for WEEKS!). I second the wine suggestion.

Katers said...

Holy crab Meg! I've had similar issues, but usually, I notice the house feels like a steam room, and the windows are all foggy, and I catch it in time. Yikes, I can only imagine the burnt plastic smell.