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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Hold me closer, Tony Danza.

Eddie is STILL not rolling over. Both Grandmas have told me, in no uncertain terms, that it'll be "any minute now." I think he's strong enough, but it's really just a question of motivation. He'll do it when he wants to.

I forgot to mention that when G&G Ryan were in for my bday, Lucy went tinkle in her little potty. Once. Under Gram's gentle encouragement. We were VERY surprised and delighted, though we have not yet been graced with an encore performance.

We can really understand what Lu's saying about 85% of the time now. It is truly amazing. Yesterday we were in the living room watching Elmo and I was feeding Ed, and Lu says, "Mocha-meese?" Which means, milk please? And I said, sure, honey, you left your milk on the kitchen table. And she said "Mommy get?" And I said, no way no way, if you want it, you get it yourself little darlin' and she sat there for a bit and thought, and then got up and got it. So cool.

I've been listening to Elton John at work this week. MAN do I love his songs! And they put me in SUCH a better mood than the 1979 recording of "Sweeney Todd."

So I'm registered for a Chemistry class (lab and lecture) at Century College this fall. Am I mental? Anyway, I had to get my old WSU transcript in order to enroll, and it was SO interesting looking at that thing. I took some weird classes. In fact, there's one class on there I have NO recollection of. Some Hallmark thing for Advertising... three credits and I got an A. Fall of 1997, I think. What??

Also! Remember Erin Davidson, who was in our wedding? Right, I barely do either. Anyway, Ellen apparently saw her on some crazy cable-TV "Pop Culture Tournament" or something, competing for like a quarter of a million dollars. Honestly, if there's anybody besides Stu who KNOWS pop culture, it's Erin. Or it was, when I last talked to her 6 years ago. So I hope she did well.


bridget said...

So why are you taking a chemistry class? Just for fun? Are you crazy?
We get very excited here about bodily functions as well, especially when they land in the potty! We are almost at 100% for poops, which is very nice, but most of the time Megan looks at me with a puddle between her legs and announces, "Pee pee!" Oh well, it will come in time.
Oh, and Ry has rolled over a few times like a month ago, and now, nothin'! Well keep enjoying your summer. Will we see you at the picnic? Bree

Neighborina Nicole said...

I'm with the Grandmas, Eddie will roll over in no time. Enjoy the fact that he STAYS PUT for now. I'm running myself ragged just trying to keep Will and Owen in their cribs at night! Yikes!

Joel mentioned you were going to take a class this fall -- hey, we can go to the library together!! (Which, believe it or not, is kind of a relaxing place to study ...) Good for you!

See ya later,

Anonymous said...

It was wild! I turned on VH1 and there was the World Series of Pop Culture on. 6 teams from all over the nation. Representing Chicago, 3 women from an improv group. I took one look and said, "Holy Crap! That girl was in my sisters wedding!" They advanced to the next round. that is all I know.