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Thursday, July 06, 2006


I've been reading "Pride and Prejudice" for the first time; or rather, trying to read it. I'm sure it's an awesome book and I know it's a classic but for some reason I can't hardly make heads or tails of what half the sentences mean. I guess it's been a long time since I really had to concentrate on reading comprehension, and I can't say it makes for especially pleasurable entertainment. But I'm getting the gist of the story (I think) and I really want to see the movie(s).
Good God, someone rescue me, I've been swallowed by pop culture. I swore I'd never say "I can't get the book... bring on the movie!" Egads.

The 'Stones song "Jumpin' Jack Flash" is on the radio right now. This song always reminds me of a tongue-in-cheek radio conversation I heard once, where they were debating what exactly the refrain ("Jumpin' jack flash, it's a gas gas gas") was about. E.g. "Jumpin' jack flash is neither a solid, nor a liquid" or something like that.

I am so sorry I've been such a bad blogger. Life just isn't easy these days. "No one said it would be easy... but no one said it'd be this hard" is the Sheryl Crow line that keeps running through my head.

Let's talk current events for a stitch here. The death of Ken Lay really has me thinking. For one, I'm thinking maybe he faked it. That aside, let's say he really did pass away yesterday. What are we supposed to learn from this? That yup, you should go ahead and steal from your employees because you could die before you get sentenced? Isn't that terrible? I know the government is still seeking something like $45 million in damages from him. What happens to that, now that he's gone? What about the decades of prison time he was facing? Am I really to accept that it all just gets wiped away? I don't know, the whole thing really has me down on our justice system, and the justice of life in general. Of course, life's not fair. Worse people have probably gotten away with worse. But it really discontents (I looked it up; it's a transitive verb -- who on earth remembers what that is?) me. I'd be interested to hear what your thoughts are on this -- whether from a religious standpoint, a moral standpoint, or just a concerned-citizen's standpoint. I know my thoughts aren't really well-thought-out, for which I apologize.

This looks like enough for a post. More later, perhaps?


Sue(Carols mom) said...

Oh, Meg!! What is the old saying? "Great minds run the same channels" or something like that? I said to Erwin last night that I thought he faked it cause he couldn't stand the thought of all that prison time (although a country club prison isn't that bad!) and perhaps his family wouldn't lose everything if he is (?) dead. Stranger things have happened--and why does it take so long to hand down a sentence to someone who has been found quilty on all counts?

Meg said...

Hi Sudsy!
I think the saying is "Birds of a feather gather no moss."
Um, what?

Also, I know it was a typo but I really like the thought of finding somebody "quilty." I think that describes my parents' next-door-neighbor actually.

Katers said...


Funny about the book, I remember reading P&P first, and really strugling with language & characters. A few years after I saw the movie, I read it again, and fullly enjoyed the, see the movie!! (then try the book again!)

ps. I told Joe last night that I think Ken Lay had some help with his death. We both figured prison would be too hard for someone like him.

Sudsy said...

I do have quilts on the brain (and on my cutting table and on the quilting frame,etc.,etc) so altho he was guilty, perhaps he was also a "Crazy Quilt"?

Neighborina Nicole said...

Yes, do see the movie (the one with Kiera Knightly ... I think it is a really good adaption) and do go back to the book! The ending is SO worth it!

Pat and I were sorta thinking Ken Lay faked it, too. I keep thinking about life insurance and who gets to collect that (then his family wouldn't suffer, maybe?), etc. And I agree about the whole message this seems to be sending: if he didn't fake it, Karma is letting all of us down (yes, I believe in Karma). :)

Great post!

Anonymous said...

Kenny boy is not alive. Further more he is not living on a remote Carribean island with money's diverted from the war effort. Congress does not need to investigate this matter or anything else for that matter!
P.S. This blog may be monitored for your own protection..

Meg said...

And I thought I was being monitored because I was entertaining. :)

I posted this in part because I hadn't heard ANYTHING other than the news that he died -- no editorializing, no commentary, nothing! And I was like, come ON people! But apparently the media were just giving it a couple days, out of respect for family. Obviously, I need a quick etiquette/scruples lesson. Oops.

P.S. I really just wanted to use "scruples" in a sentence.