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Monday, June 05, 2006

Shaking the cobwebs from my mind

It's been the hardest week-and-a-half of my life. Thank you to:

  • My "original" family. You are an awesome group of people. I know we will get through this together.
  • My "new" family (JG and the babies). I love you all more every day.
  • My friends. Your love and support is so, so appreciated.
  • Jan's friends -- you are now my friends. This has been a terrible time, but I am so glad to have been able to get to know you. You are such cool people. Thanks for the stories and the ice cream!

Let's go back to my kids again. Just a couple updates:

Eddie has slept through the night the last 3 nights or so. All the way through. It is very nice.

Last Wednesday, after a VERY long day, I was putting Lulu to bed and we couldn't find her Nuk. Like, anywhere. And you know how she is about that thing. She was sobbing, crying for it: "Nu-huh-huh-ook." Well, we found one of Ed's nuks on the floor, and I said:
"Here, Lu, I know it's not your nuk but will it work for you? It's got to be better than nothing, right?"
Lucy: "Eddie's. Eddie's."
Me: "Yes, it's Eddie's, but you can use it now, if you want. Look, he's sleeping; he doesn't even want it right now."
So I gave it to her and she took it and sucked on it and I went to the living room to find her toothbrush (don't ask). And when I came back Ed's nuk was sitting on his lap and Lucy was standing there looking at him with tears streaming down her face.
Like, she wanted a nuk so very badly but thought it was more important that Eddie have one available, in case he should need it, than for her to keep it for herself. Maybe it wasn't completely selfless, but it felt like it was. I cried rivers.


Alison Strobel Morrow said...

Aw Meg, that story about Lucy is so touching. And I'm so sorry for all you've been going through. I so wish I was there to cook for you or babysit or something. Still praying, though...

CarolSue said...

The first of many rivers we'll cry over the next few years, I'm sure! Very sweet.

Did Joel tell you about yesterday when Josie and Lucy were playing together? I was SO excited to hear that Josie actually played WITH someone, even just a little bit! I guess mine was taking rocks and handing them to yours... and yours would say "thank you" every time. :) What a thoughtful little girl you're raising.