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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

We interrupt this blog...

You will simply have to excuse my sporadic blogging. It's a difficult time right now. And on top of it all, my fridge is freezing things again. Which would be great if IT WERE A FREEZER. But if I wanted an enormous, stand-up freezer, I would certainly go out and purchase one (used, from Craig's list, most likely). What I really want, however, is a stinkin' fridge. Actually, I don't really even want a fridge, per se; to paraphrase an old Advertising-class mantra, what I want is chilled food. Chilled. Not solid-blocks-of-ice food.

At least the Twins are winning.


Anonymous said...

I must let you know when all of the children are here like last night we read your blogs. Aunt Jans' caused us to shed some tears, you really have a gift.Some we chuckle and some we laugh out loud. We really enjoy you sharing your life! love and prayers, Aunt Denise in AZ
P.S. Really Kevin Spacey?

Meg said...

Hi Aunt Denise!
I've been getting your comments and Donna said she talked to you and I am SO glad you're enjoying the blog!! Welcome! And congrats on Nataley's (is that right?) engagement! Thanks again for reading. Hi to Charley and all the kids --