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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Five-part discord

So I'm not really sure when "bars" worked its way into the popular lexicon. I'm not talking about dessert-bars, which I think growing up we always called "cookies" or "treats" (i.e. Rice Krispie Treats or No-Bake Cookies) but apparently in Minnesota they're "bars." Rice Krispie Bars. Special K Bars. It's taken quite an adjustment on my part.
BUT! I am not talking about that. I am talking about cell-phone bars. Referring to whether or not you'll be able to make a call from whichever location you happen to be. Like, "Man, I don't have any bars! How am I going to get a hold of my babysitter?" Or, "Here, use my phone, I have at least three bars." In the last week I've heard people use the word "bars" a LOT. I have a couple of questions about this:
1. Does everyone have the same number of bars, total? My phone's max is seven bars. I suppose I could just ask some people.
2. What's the number of bars at which the quality of service suffers? Two? One?
3. If your phone goes to eight, but you only have six bars, is the quality of the phone call you're about to make really going to suffer at all?
4. Did the usage of the word "bars" come directly from AT&T's "How many bars do you have?" ads? Why can't we just say "Grr! I have no service!" I'm just not certain "bars" sounds any cooler.

This is really just a note to my dad: I was driving home from dropping Mom off at the airport on Saturday morning and it was such a beautiful morning so I drove home along the river and right downtown St. Paul there are some train tracks that go over the road and the river, and there was an old dude standing at the railing just gazing up at the train going right over our heads and I totally thought of you. Trains AND rivers AND a downtown area all in the same place! See, you should totally move up here. ;)

Jean hit a home run in our softball game. It may even have been a grand slam; I can't remember. My sister kicks butt.

Joel and the kids and I were totally on TV last week! Channel 5, 10:00 news, local sports wrap -- we were watching Jean's softball team at Sectionals (which they WON, go Sibley!!) and there we were. I still haven't seen it, however.

Congratulations to Alley Joel and Cara, new foster parents of five teeny little Alley Kittens. Cara actually assisted in the birth. She even has it on video (what a rock star!!). I will try to get some photos but they are seriously like only 4 inches long apiece. Their little mews are the saddest thing you have ever heard, Mom ("Tails") seems to be doing fine as well... she's remarkably at ease with the Alleys handling her babies and with all of us coming and going. Lucy wasn't so thrilled about the fuzzy little ones, although, in her defense, she's kind of going through the DT's after going cold-turkey off the Nuk yesterday after we found out she chewed a hole in it and we didn't have a replacement.

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