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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The hills are alive!

Eddie and Joel got to watch about 10 minutes of Lucy's Sound of Music rehearsal tonight. Did I mention Lucy is in the The Sound of Music? Omigosh I don't think I did! OK Lucy is playing Gretl in a local community production. Oh here! I forget this isn't a facebook post and I can be verbose. It's up in White Bear Lake, through Lakeshore Players. Yes, WBL is a haul (25 minutes one way) -- though there are parents driving from the Highland neighborhood and Cottage Grove (each an extra 15 minutes) so I am not complaining.

I'm also not complaining because the rest of the cast is totally outstanding. They have double-cast the seven Von Trapp children so Lucy is in 8 of the 16 shows. (She is in the "Trapp" or "T" cast if you are looking to buy tickets.) Of the 13 other kids in the show, I'd worked with all but 3 or 4 and even those I'd heard good things about. Also one of my absolute favorite singers (and a very cool mom), Peggy Sutherland, is playing Maria. Lucy's first show is April 30! Can't wait!

Anyway! So Joel and Eddie got to watch the last 10 minutes of rehearsal, and as Lucy sang her solo last line of "So Long, Farewell..." Eddie jumped all over Joel and stage-whispered "That's MY SISTER!!!" He's so proud of her. Love it.


I had a pretty good derby practice on Sunday. We were on the concourse of the Xcel Energy Center, which is cool to get to skate in, but not an awesome practice space. We can't scrimmage there, but we do "stations" where three coaches each set up spots and we divide up and rotate. We did sprinting, stopping, falling, and turning relay races with Betty LaRude... Pacelines (skating fast in a long line) and shopping-carts (one skater pushing 2 girls in front of her), and sticky-skates (skating without taking your wheels off the floor) with Lydia Punch... and fast-feet and weaving drills with Wet Spot (our lone male, who cleans up spilt beer and water at the MNRG bouts; plus he runs the t-shirt cannon and knows gobs about gear).

On Wednesday I went to Terrors practice. The Twin Cities Terrors are our local men's derby league (they are sometimes referred to as MMRD -- Minnesota Mens Roller Derby). They practice at the "Terrordome," AKA the Minnesota National Guard Armory in St. Paul. They -- most generously -- open their practice to anybody in skating gear with $5. Sometimes we can practice with the guys the whole time, and sometimes they are prepping for a bout and we skate on the side (usually with the guys who have not yet been drafted to a team), but no matter what it's an amazing workout and learning experience.

Terrors practice is never the same place twice, which this variety-lovin' girl thinks is awesome. We've done 30-lap pacelines at nearly a full sprint... then done sprinting/turning/stopping drills. We practice going clockwise (typical derby direction is going counter-clockwise around the track, and once you've been building that muscle memory for a while, it's strange and scary going the "wrong way.") We've scrimmaged... then played roller-freeze-tag (which COMPLETELY ROCKS). We get to learn from other skaters who have different teaching styles and different ways of explaining things. I'm not self-motivated enough to enjoy skating at the rinks very much, so Terrors practice is kind of a perfect fit for me. Oh, except news flash: Boys smell dreadful.

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