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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Last night Joel and I got a lovely night out with his family -- it was Donna's bday (and John's and her anniversary) on Friday night, so Joel's sister Julie and Kaz invited us over for a really lovely crab-and-steak dinner and then we all went to Jersey Boys together in Minneapolis. It was really wonderful to have an adultish night out. The food was great, and the show was very fun. In the Orpheum lobby I ran into Katie Allen, with whom I'd performed many years ago -- her boyfriend is playing Tommy DeVito, one of the Four Seasons. I'd only met him once, very briefly, but it was fun to have kind of a personal connection to the show.

Today the kids woke us up nice and early to look for their Easter eggs and baskets. It was a blast and they were just so cute. Joel's parents came over and we dressed for church -- Ed choosing the 3-piece suit he wore for Julie & Jeff's wedding exactly 1 year ago. Fortunately when I shortened his pants back then, I made it really easy for myself to let them back out again this morning. Lucy also wore her dress from that wedding.Eddie kept repeating, "Mr. President, may I have a word?"

(Right now Eddie is peeling himself a pink hardboiled egg and he just said, "I'm ALL about Easter. The whole darn thing.")

We hit church, then came home to do an outdoor egg hunt and eat brunch. I made a crockpot egg bake, some crockpot cheesy potatoes, some fruit, and Jane Peterson's sour cream coffee cake, and everything turned out swell.

After lunch I got a nice 20-minute nap out in the sun on the deck (until a bug flew into my ear). At 2pm it was time for my derby team's Easter Wall-Sit. Wherever we were at 2pm we were supposed to "sit" on a wall (back flat against the wall, knees bent at 90 degrees) and hold it as long as we could. I about died after 4 min, 30 seconds -- a couple gals were in the 10-minute range and one said she made 22 minutes! Jean came over and assured me that there are many ways to cheat at a wall sit... but I suspect I probably just stink at it.

This is at about 3:30 in (Lucy started bawling after 10 seconds, then came back on & off for a bit):

After the Gronaus left, Jean and Joel and I took the kids up to Lake Phalen -- Joel took the kids to the playground and Jean and I ran the 3.1-mile loop in about 28 minutes. It was only my second run in the Vibrams and I *think* I love them... I had none of the blister issues from the first run, and I felt fantastic the whole time. It helped that it was 60 degrees and sunny for the first time since September.

We practiced our cartwheels, answered several questions about my shoes, and mocked the bicyclist who complained about us jogging in the bike lane. (I was, like, You're not from this neighborhood, are you?) And now I'm chanking on a salad (I ended my no-desserts Lenten fast by eating many, many sugary things and now my tummy is feeling unfortunate) and threatening to throw the kids in the bathtub. Perfect ending ot a very happy Easter!


bridget said...

So I have been dying to know what those vibrams feel like. Are they really comfortable? They don't feel too freakish?

Meg said...

I've only run in them twice and did some core/plyo once. I *think* I love them. I hate my toes being smashed together, and my natural foot-shape is exactly how those things are shaped (think duck feet). The toe-pockets don't feel weird at all.

They kinda feel like swim shoes, honestly. My biggest problem with them so far is that I don't feel (socially) comfortable wearing them for just, like, hanging out post-exercise... meaning I feel like I have to bring a separate pair of shoes to change into.