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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

24, minus Kiefer Sutherland and anything sexy or dangerous whatsoever, unless you count bunk beds.

I have so many good excuses for not keeping up on here. Here's a sampling of things on my mind. If you want elaboration on any topic, please leave a comment or drop me an email. I'm sort of having trouble narrowing my focus.

1. Thanksgiving! Awesome holiday. Happy times.

2. My right tonsil hurts real bad.

3. We picked up a bunkbed for the kids, via Craigslist. It is not set up yet, as we do not own twin sheets.

4. I'm singing AND dancing in the Christmas show. It's in 2 weeks and I've had 2 rehearsals.

5. Ed has, according to our very scientific pencil-marked wall-chart, grown 2 full inches since September.

6. I'm reading Unconditional Parenting by Alfie Kohn. Amazing book.

7. My book club's cookie bake is this Friday! I totally can't wait.

8. Lucy might start Kindergarten next year. Or not. And St. Paul has about 7,500 public schools to choose from.

9. I'm also working on at least 3 different productions of Pirates! The Musical. It's hard to keep them straight. Yaaarrrrrr.

10. I HATE driving on icy roads. Especially when I'm running late which is always.

11. I have to go collect money from my neighbors, to pay the alley-snowplow people.

12. My body is crazy-sore from taking 2 dance classes last night. A really good sore.

13. I beat my Amazing Athlete-Sister Ellen in a sprint last week. THAT was a really good sore, too.

14. Golly, do I love those kids of mine.

15. Lucy's face is sharpening -- her nose and cheeks are much more angular than just a few months ago. Her latest quirk is threatening not to be a part of our family anymore, if we don't do something she says (like give her a cheese stick, or pick up her shoes for her). She's testing us and it's fascinating and wonderful.

16. She also is way into letters, asking how to draw them and what words start with which letters. And the difference between rhymes and opposites. It's so cool.

17. Ed joined Lucy's dance class this last month and Miss Lee says he's doing just great, despite his standing at the threshold of the studio before each class, crossing his arms, and growling "I'm not dancing. Hmpf." He just loves being with Lucy and doing the things she does.

17a. I'm afraid Lucy's ECFE class (to which she goes solo on Monday afternoons) is messing with Eddie's psyche. EVERY time we go to ECFE, he asks in this pitiful voice "Can I come too?" even though he does, indeed, "come too" at least 80% of the time, if you include all the extra ECFE meetings we hit.

18. On Monday, Ed put on a costume warrior helmet and shield we had laying around, and announced "I'm a BAD GUY!"

19. Today he wrapped his special blanket around his shoulders and hollered "I'm a SUPER COW!"

20. I forgot to mention this, but we started doing a bedtime prayer with the kids, maybe a month or two ago? I had the thing written out ahead of time and I asked the kids to repeat after me. Ed typically conscientiously objects every night (that kid's going to wind up a priest, mark my words) though tonight for the first time he actually agreed to join in. Lucy surprised me the very first night we did the prayer. I'd written a line that went "Thank you for our food and toys" and she stopped me right there and said she didn't want to thank God for her toys. I thought quick and said "our house?" and she agreed to that. I'm intrigued as to why she insisted on the change -- but she's totally right, of course. Our house is a much larger and more-important blessing than the toys; not that the toys aren't lovely.

21. Thank you, Lord, for our food and toys and clothes and house, and for our general health and our loving families and for the opportunities you've given us to serve others. Thank you for your Love and Grace and Peace. Jesus loves me, this I know.
22. Oh golly, I have to do Christmas cards yet. Hey Jesus, sometimes your birthday parties get blown a little out of proportion.
23. Oh boy, and I bet there's wet laundry in the machine.

24. I ought to have a #24 but I'm real tired. Oh! Jean the Wonder Aunt is coming over tomorrow afternoon so I can get a haircut and *maybe* even those elusive twin sheets.


CarolSue said...


That is a sigh of complete contentment. I LOVE it when when I hit refresh on your page and a new post (or 2!! Bonus!!) shows up. :)

Rebecca said...

We say:

"Now I lay me down to sleep.
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
The angels watch me through the night.
And keep me in their blessed sight."

At dinner, we say,
"God is great, God is good. Let us thank him for our food.


"Come Lord Jesus be our guest. Let these gifts to us be blessed."

Both end with an AMEN! from Vivian.

Jean said...

Jean the sucky, sickly, contagious aunt. We'll get that hair of yours cut eventually!
Hey! I totally lost my voice starting last night at VB. I'm super squeaky now, and I'm pretty sure only dogs can hear me. :)