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Saturday, December 20, 2008

"Say 'Go, Lucy!'" ... "GO LUCY! I'M SUPER-COW!"

Worlds Fastest Update:

I'm in a Christmas show this weekend (Dec. 20-21) -- for details.

Ed is 100% toilet-learned (I understand that's the preferred term, over "potty trained"). Including overnights. Anyone want to buy some well-loved large cloth diapers??

It's snowing and it's so gorgeous and I am totally in the holiday mood.

The kids say hilarious stuff all the time and sometime I'll record some more of it.

The biggest news probably is: JOEL'S SISTER JULIE GOT ENGAGED!!! Congrats, Julie and Jeff -- we are SO HAPPY for you!!


Alison Strobel Morrow said...

He's done with diapers!?!!? MAN am I jealous! Abby is 0% interested. The majority of the time she doesn't even realize she's wet, even if she's completely soaked through her pants. >:(

Good luck with the Christmas show! Tell us all about it when you're done and have time to breathe again. :) MERRY CHRISTMAS!

bridget said...

Congratulations Julie!