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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Now that she's back in the atmosphere...

I have a seriously quick three seconds to blog while Will sleeps and my kids eat Second Breakfast:

Happy Tuesday! It's sooooo good to be back in our own house, sleeping in our own beds, eating our own foods! Oh how I missed our own foods. I missed my coffee-with-raw-sugar-and-half-and-half, and I missed my oatmeal-with-raisins-dates-and-walnuts with the dates and walnuts sliced just so with my very own kitchen shears. I missed my own pots and pans and my Peru coffee mugs and I missed my creaky floors and my own alarm clock and I especially missed being able to run around my own house without worrying about disturbing any downstairs neighbors. Though to be honest with you, there could very easily be a colony of hobos in my basement, and I would never know -- it's a bit cluttered down there yet.

As I type, Lucy and Ed are fighting over a box of cereal -- there is one stupid drawing of a fish on the back of it and they both want to press their noses up against it. I mean, honestly.

Happy Belated Birthdays to Alison and Nikki!

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CarolSue said...

Jo and Eve were fighting over sticking their fingers in the crack between two chairs last night. Honestly. Who are these kids? :)