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Monday, January 07, 2008

A series of mini-vacations

That's how Jean has summed up the Life of Gronau in January, 2008. Here's a more accurate description:

Saturday morning I piled up the kids and drove up to Oak Grove where Becky and Adam were housesitting for Adam's sister's family's gorgeous abode. We sledded (I hope Beck will post pix, it was hilarious!) and napped (well, the kids) and I choreographed while Becky made homemade Buca-di-Beppo (AKA "Becky-di-Beppo). The Dalys and Mathews arrived later and we drank, dined, and delighted in each other and in our adorable progeny. Joel, meanwhile, tore out the north and west walls of our kitchen, right on down to the 60-year-old studs (I'm going to get some oldie-porn hits for that, I'm sure) and insulation.

Joel drove up later and we Gronaus spent the night, overstaying our welcome in the morning and skipping church. When we got back to our house around noon, it quickly became apparent that we couldn't hang out there much longer -- with the basement as the only dust-free place, we decided I should take the kids over to Jean's house.

Which I did! And here we are. The weird thing about being here is that when Jean's at work and the kids are napping (as they are, bless their poor little homeless hearts), I am bored senseless. There's no laundry, no dishes, and no cooking (I toted over the entire contents of our fridge, since our fridge's circuit was busted in the demo). Jean has a lot of reading material on hand, fortunately. I started reading "Princess Bride" again -- awesome book.

Soooo... here we sit. Oh! Lucy started her new tumbling class this morning. Super-cute, though Ed was devastated that he couldn't join in. You should email me, or comment, or something. 'Cuz it's a little lonely.


Alison Strobel Morrow said...

Bored...I *used* to know what that word meant...

You should use all this free time to jump-start your writing career. ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh my how the childrens looks have changed! they are so beautiful. Remember this is the easiest hardest time. You control their world, you know where they are, and when they are sick you can hold them close! Yet so hard! love and prayers, AD