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Thursday, January 24, 2008

The kitchen

Ok, so the first three are taken from the doorway that goes from the living room into the kitchen. In the first pic you can see the hole where the dishwasher will go.

Here's the hole where the fridge is going... as well as my new little "to-go" desk.

Here's the desk again as well as the large hole for the new back door.

This is our new dinig room! AKA Ed's former bedroom. This photo was taken from just inside the new back door.

This is also taken from inside the new back door. The island's countertops aren't done yet; the big hole in the island is for the stove.


Madwoman of Preserve Path said...

Neat photos! I know it's a pain right now, but having lived through this before myself (and eight months pregnant at the time), I can tell you that you'll love it soon. The new dining room is a stroke of genius! Don't tell the cabinet-maker or your husband this, but the best part will be new appliances that are still under warranty and are so, so clean.

Rebecca said...

Oh man! LOVE the new cabinets! You are one lucky girl!