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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Do you prefer raining and 50 degrees, or 15 degress and sunshine? I can't decide.

Guess who fell down the stairs today? Not your likely first three guesses, I can tell you right now. Yup! Me. I slipped and bumpety-bumped on my back and bottom down about 3/4 of the stairs this morning. I tore a pea-sized chunk of skin off my hand, but I think I'm okay. In fact, if you like the feeling of having had a terrific workout but don't care for the sweat or for actually having to go through the exercising part, I highly recommend falling down the stairs. I ache like the dickens, mostly in the neck, back, and rear-end area. Especialy those butt-muscles, oooee, feel the burn!

After I hit the bottom, I just kind of sat on the bottom stairs, in shock at my own stupidity. Lucy (who had seen the whole thing) came right over to give me a big old hug. Love that gal. Last night we were all at JCP returning some of Joel's shirts (he forgot his size when he bought them originally) and Lucy's attention was enraptured by the escalator.

"What'zat, Mommy?"

"That's an escalator. Can you say 'escalator'?"


"Wow, great, honey! Good job! Now can you say 'existentialism'?"

"Eggs." (huge grin)

The saleslady folding pants behind us got a big kick out of that.

Ed is moving and shaking like, well, like he just learned how to move and shake. He's now pulling up to standing and we even took about 10 steps "toodling" (see Lucy, July-August 2005) today. Yesterday I was chopping veggies for dinner and heard Lucy say, very calmly, from the hallway: "Mommy, come here." I rounded the corner to find Lucy laying, head on a wadded-up blanket, straight across the sixth stair (which was funny in its own right)... and Eddie on the second stair, with clear designs on getting up to where Lucy was. Yow! So his motor skills are progressing.

We had an awesome playdate with Joel's aunt Doris and two of her girls this morning. Honestly, all it takes is one good playdate to make me feel like a living human again. The kids were all terrific (by which I mean "absolutely crazy") but Doris and I had good chats (well, as good as can be expected while chasing after four little ones) and really good coffee and oh MAN I just realized I only fed her half a sandwich for lunch. I'm a dreadful hostess. I'm sure she's starving. I'm an idiot.

I'll try to post more often -- as you can tell, anything that involves brainpower is sooo not my forte right now.


bridget said...

That is an excellent question. I can't decide either.
Aren't you amazed at how fast these kids are growing? It shocks me almost daily! I wish we could have spent more time together at the wedding. I miss you guys. Bree

Alison Strobel Morrow said...

Girlfriend! Ouch! That really sucks! I hope you don't feel worse as time goes on--that sucks even more. Good excuse for going to get a massage, though. :)

That is hilarious that Ed is already going for the stairs--Abby's new stair trick is that she doesn't want to go up on hands and knees anymore, she wants to hold on to the wall/banister/your hand and go up on her feet like the rest of us do. It's so funny to see her take these big giant steps and grip the carpet with her toes to keep her balance--her little feet are so small she barely gets her foot solidly on there!


eagle feeder said...

What can you do outside when it's 50 & raining? Hands down 15 with snow is better. You can move around and get warm, you can't move around and get dry. I hear that Taco Bell is good for soothing sore muscles.

Anonymous said...

I am sure Aunt Doris with her 4 children didn't even notice it was half a sandwich. she is probably at the sleep need of Maslows chart:-) aunt denise