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Friday, September 22, 2006

Baseball. Baseball. Baseball.

Repeat after me: Baseball. Baseball. Baseball.

I know, it's like 40 degrees out, and I know the leaves are falling off the trees. But we are in a PENNANT RACE, people, and if I have to hear one more word about the stinkin' Vikings or whatever other football team you care about, I am going to put my index finger right up to your lips and go "Sssssshhhhh. Shh shh sshhhhhhhh."

People like it when you do that, right, Jean?

Also, I was reading an article the other day about people having too many home-grown tomatoes and not being able to find anybody who will take them. Let it be known: I will take them! It's probably not even tomato season anymore. Whatever.


Jean said...

People DO like it when you do that, but beware of people like Ellen, who will LICK YOUR FINGER!!!
Go Twins.

Katers said...

dang meg, we should send tomatoes your way, although they'd probably be squished at your door :) We are up to our ears, and have started making mass quantities of salsa so they won't go bad.

Oh, yeah, go WHITE SOX!!

Neighborina Nicole said...

Meg, two words about tomatoes: Farmer's Market! They are always delicious and inexpensive. I'm thinking of buying some so I can make soup. YUM!

See you this weekend!

Oh, and GO TWINS indeed!