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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My kids are the smartest children alive, blah blah blah.

Went to the doc yesterday for checkups. You want to feel like a superwoman? Take 2 kids in for checkups at once. Yow.

34" tall; 31.4#. She's a very average-sized 2-year-old. I am guessing at some point she will ask me to knock it off with the height and weight updates. Maybe now is a good time. :)

29.25" tall (still ridiculously long for his age; 99th percentile -- looking at the chart, there are some perfectly normal 15-month-olds who are the same height Ed is now. YIKES. But Joel says he was 5'10" in 4th grade, so there you go.); 19.25# (75th pct.).

Amazing that I can still lift them both at the same time.

My cell phone has gone missing, AGAIN. I had it at the in-laws' on Sunday afternoon, but I haven't seen it since. It's probably sitting in their driveway.

Had the open house on Sunday, and a whole three parties walked through. There's supposed to be a "realtor tour" this morning and another open on Sunday. It's funny to see the things our realtor changes when he's there. Hiding the soap... hiding the alarm clocks... I'm on the verge of canning the whole thing. I'm just not a model-home kind of gal.

It's getting chilly these days -- after Ed's midnight feeding last night, I put a little hat on his melon to try to keep him cozy. He kicks off his socks and loses his blankets thru the night, and with all the hardwood floors in the house now, it just feels COLD on the main level. Anyway, my point was, when JG checked on him this morning, Ed was fast asleep with his Nuk in his mouth and his hat pulled right over his eyes and the bridge of his nose. Super cute.

Lucy's still Lucy, which is just the way I like her. Sometimes when we suggest a nap, or bedtime, she responds very seriously with "No ni-night. My 'wake now."
She's also taken to calling me "Mom" sometimes. Did I mention that already? I don't know why it's so different from "Mommy" but it cracks me up. "Hi, Mom."

Oh! Lu now sings her ABCs ("ABCD song!" she calls it) all the way through. I'm sure she has no idea what it means, but it's very impressive-sounding, if I do say so myself.

I thought I had more to write about -- well, I'll let you know if I think of what it was. More raving about the miracles I've produced, I'm sure.


Anonymous said...

Meg, Katy here. Please post some new pic.'s of the kids. I keep missing you at the softball games and would love to see how the kids are growing. Hope to see you soon. Katy C.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Joel! Aunt Denise