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Friday, December 02, 2005

Meg in a happy place

Hi. Hypnobirthing totally rocks, is all I have to say today. I don't know what turns Gus's birthing will take, but I am learning to feel completely at ease and prepared for the whole thing. If nothing else, I have learned to relax myself in my daily life (invaluable in my line of work AND as mom to Miss Pants).

It is difficult finding time to practice the relaxation techniques, so I have been taking my CD player into a conference room at lunch. I can honestly say that I think this practicing has helped me focus more on my job, and to handle the problems (which invariably arise) with calmness and professionalism... well, at least as much as I can muster. :)

This weekend starts the holiday celebrations, with the "dice game" at the Gronaus. I diverted from my usual dollar-store purchases of Crap I Hope Doesn't Come Back Home With Me, and instead went for Small Lovely Things Which I Might Find Useful.

One of my clients just spelled my last name "Grouneau." I mean really, I think maybe she's just mocking me.

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