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Monday, December 05, 2005

hills and valleys

Well, after the high that was the beginning of last week, there was bound to be a letdown. Nothing is wrong, I'm just feeling kinda down. I don't feel like I finished anything this weekend -- didn't clean the bathroom, didn't put all the laundry away... the usual. I didn't practice my hynobirthing stuff hardly at all (and when I did it didn't feel satisfying) and I spent a lot of the weekend feeling tired and kind of frumpy. Lucy even sprouted a couple more teeth and I'm just not that excited about it. Oh well.
Just reporting... no big deal. :)

Oh, and I had a BIZARRO dream last night, involving my cousin's wife Lynda, my St. Colette t-shirt, an upside-down elevator and a humongous office building.
I should go get some coffee.


CarolSue said...

We must be on the same "not gettin' anything done" wavelength. Very similiar posts today :) Great minds think alike. Or something.

Anonymous said...

I didn't get out of my pajamas until 5:00 yesterday.
I've decided to embrace my laziness...we'll have our hands full soon enough!

MC said...

You don't have your hands full now?

Mine. They're pretty full.

peggles said...

i, too can relate. saturday i felt productive making christmas cookies. cousins christa, leslie and i made close to nine hundred cookies, bars, etc. but that is all i did. make cookies. however, sunday i never changed out of my jammies. i did not even put my packer jersey on for the game. not that it would have helped them win...

remember i am home during the day and only a phone call away. just give me a shout!