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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

15 month checkup

Lulu had her 15-month checkup yesterday. Vital stats:

Weight: 24#, 6 oz. (75th %)
Head: 18.25" (63rd %)
Height: 31.5" (83rd %)

So for all of you who keep telling me she's a peanut, she is NO PEANUT!

OK, fine she's a peanut.

Anyhoo, she had three shots (flu booster, MMD and chicken pox), which pretty much knocked her out for the night. But other than that, she's great! Next appointment is at 18 months, at which point she will be (gasp!) a big sister. Holy crumbs!!

Had my last swing and latin dance classes last night. What a fun experience... but exhausting!

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