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Thursday, October 20, 2005


My dad called yesterday: "Do you want me to come up tonight and watch Lucy for the rest of the week?"

YES. Holy buckets, yes. I was a puddle, grappling with losing more PTO (vacation/personal/sick) days, and staying home with Lucy, who so obviously needed me. Aggravated with my work, aggravated with having to GO to work, aggravated with Walgreens for NOT HAVING ANY CHILDREN'S COLD MEDICINE, aggravated with myself for not dealing with the whole thing well.

Anyway, THANK YOU Dad for literally flying in and saving the day. You are an angel.

Lucy update: we gave her some Dimetapp Cough & Cold last night and it knocked her right out -- her first night of sleep in 3 days that wasn't punctuated by more than 1 or 2 coughing fits. Thank goodness. Dad says her snout is dried up too (no more face explosions upon sneezing). We've been so lucky that she's been so healthy thus far... I suppose she was overdue.

In other news: my mom's been having trouble seeing so she is going in to have her eyeballs scraped on Monday. Apparently her corneas are waffle-shaped and they're going to file 'em down. Ew ew ew!!! Good luck Mom, I hope it all goes well -- I will be squinting all day Monday in your honor. Oh, Mom I made your cranberry/sour cream scones again the other day and MAN are they tasty.

Happy Thursday, everyone...


Rebecca said...

Hang in there Gronaus! Super Grandpas are AWESOME! Way to go Grandpa Ryan! Heeerree he comes to save the daaaayyy!

Poor little hoot---we hope you get better soon! XOXO

Alison Strobel Morrow said...

Wow, SuperGrandpa indeed! What a blessing for you guys to have someone who's able to come help out like that. (Although I'm sure he's like, woohoo, Lucy is all mine!)

Mrs. Ryan--that's the grossest thing I've ever heard. I hope it works for you. :)

peggles said...

glad to hear things are looking up for you guys! have a very important question for lucy. what are you going to dress up as for halloween? it is just around the corner, you know!

peggles said...

we'll send some prayers in the direction of your mom! let us know how it turns out!

Rebecca said...

How did your mom's scraping thing go?

How is Lucy feeling?

We are assuming all is well with Gus...

What IS Lucy going to dress up as for Halloween???