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Monday, October 03, 2005

Welcome Ryans

Hi to anyone who is reading this after getting the Ryan-Family Yo!Yo! -- I'm glad you stopped by! First, a clarification regarding softball -- I play OUTFIELD and not third base. (So Mom, don't worry, I'm not diving for grounders!) I must have mistyped something along the way.

Lucy was kind of a bear this weekend. We think she might be transitioning away from two naps a day, or maybe she's just growing more teeth. She was standing up in her crib when Joel and I went to get her this morning, but she was NOT awake yet -- just kind of swaying there, like she wasn't quite sure how to get back down. He gave her her morning milk in the dark living room, which I think they both appreciated.

It's a crazy week for us coming up here. The real estate agent is coming over tonight (he promised to bring dinner; YESS!), we're meeting with a lawyer to execute our estate documents tomorrow, plus we're having some friends over for dinner... we have our 20-week ultrasound on Wednesday, and then my dad's coming in for the rest of the week... Volleyball Thursday... wedding on Friday (it starts at 4, how the devil am I going to get there?)... like I said, a little crazy. BUT the house is clean and the laundry caught up, so we're as prepped as we could be.
Happy Monday!


Alison Strobel Morrow said...

Real estate agent? Estate planning documents? What on earth are you guys doing over there?? Stop sounding like such adults, geez!

:) Okay, seriously, are you guys moving or something?

Meg said...

Well, we thought we should probably get a will together... er, for the kids and stuff... my work has this legal plan where you can get it all done for like $250... You're right, it's impossibly fuddy-duddyish.

Oh! We are thinking of moving to a new house in the spring. MAYBE. The layout of our house just... stinks right now (one teeny bathroom, no dining room, no closets in the entryways, you get the gist) and though we ADORE our neighbors and our current location, the neighborhood as a whole is a tad sketchy.

So we're planning in that direction, but allowing ourselves the freedom to make final decisions when the time comes. :)

Molly Gorski said...

Dear Meg,

Thanks for the welcome! This is a really nice way to keep in touch and see what everyone is up to. You are a really talented writter too. I read some of your old posts and they made me laugh out loud because I could imagine the situation in my head. Good to hear that you are not 3rd base. I can't imagine doing that while being pregnant. Good luck with your busy week!
Molly Gorski