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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Call yo'self a cool cat?

You just gotta watch. Oh, you already saw it? Watch it again, it'll make your day. AGAIN.


Rebecca said...

Hey dude. Did you kick me off of "Peeps I Know"?

That's ok. I don't blog too much anyways.
Although I am blogging more now.

Meg said...

Yup! Looks like you were booted. :) :) I bet it was the night I was trying to change my blog skin and screwed it all up. I thought I put in your new link but looks like I just deleted it. Sorry, 9 months with no blogging means The Boot! :) :) :)

peggles said...

after the vikings game, in the locker room, did you hear brett favre singing this song? it was really quite silly.

Rebecca said...

Yeah, quite ridiculous!