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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Killing the earth through dishes

Hey, who was with me on my earlier dishwashing-detergent discussion?
I've only owned a dishwasher for 23 months but I started using Electrasol (AKA "Finish") and then started trying the more earth-friendly brands. Unfortunately the earth-friendly detergents are LOUSY.

I had a couple people recommend Seventh Generation and I'm dreadfully sorry but it is no better than the rest. I've heard Method is great but I cannot justify the cost -- it's like six times as much! Two days back on the Finish train and I'm happy as a clam, with the cleanest dishes in town.


Nicole said...

I have found the same to be try for my window cleaner and toilet bowl cleaner....The people/earth friendly stuff was just not doing the job :)

Nicole said...

I meant "true" :)

Nicole said...

I meant "true" :)

The Morrows said...

Have you read I know she had a lot of good suggestions for more earth-friendly (and effective) dishwashing options. The only one I remember i susing white vinegar instead of Jet Dry. I know that doesn't clean them, but it's a start!

annetta said...

Are you a member at cost co? Their krikland brand eco stuff does a darned good job.

Meg said...

Oh, see, now this is interesting. In regards to the toilet, I have been using FlyLady's motto of "soap is soap" and using random body-washes/leftover soaps to swish my toilet. I do it several times a week and it seems to work great!

Anyway, no on the Costco membership. And I have tried the white-vinegar-instead-of-Jet-Dry and it really doesn't seem to work at all. I don't get crystal-clear glasses like I do with Jet Dry. Ugh!!