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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

A nice quote from Mary Hunt, author of "Everyday Cheapskate"

"The wild accumulation of things creates an endless urge to have more.

For those searching for contentment in status symbols and stuff, enough is never enough. The "have-nots" want some; the "have-enoughs" want more; even the "have-too-muches" want more still.

...Having too many things dilutes quality of life and ... having it all is highly overrated."

I just pulled about 50 CDs out of the garage that I completely forgot I even had. (50 is all I could carry -- I bet there are 50+ still in there.) Some of it is junk, like the CD from Dennis & Sally's wedding... some of it is really good music I'd just forgotten about. The point being: it's been YEARS, maybe 3 years, and I didn't miss it. At all. Well, OK, I missed my Oasis CD and that's what I was doing out there. But seriously, I need to clear this kind of clutter out of my life.


CarolSue said...

Amen, sister. Well - not necessarily about YOUR clutter, but the sentiment regarding accumulation, in general. :)

WEIRD - totally unrelated, but the word verification waiting for me below is "liers." HA!

Nicole said...

That is Really weird!!!!
Do you think that is a sign that we need to declutter as well?

I do feel like the more I cut out all the junk and the wants the clearier life is becoming. It seems like it really is so simple but getting to the simple - happier life is a long road.

peggles said...

ok. i totally agree. but i am such a packrat, how do i get started? john jokes that he wants to put a dumpster on the side of the house and just start throwing stuff out the window! i know i don't need it all, but i have the darndesdt time getting rid of it!

Rebecca said...

Start with all the favors from EVERY wedding you've ever been to. The candy is rotten.

Meg said...

ROTFL Becky!

Joel read my post and we actually got into a heated discussion regarding Dennis and Sally's theoretical hurt feelings. I told Joel that NOBODY keeps wedding favors... but I completely forgot about Peg!