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Friday, October 30, 2009


Our darling neighbors, the Alleys, moved last week and they got the MOST AWESOME TRUCK.
We carved pumpkins 2 weeks early. We ended up with 5 pumpkins out of our garden (#6 got harvested and then I knocked it off the retaining wall with the van -- it exploded upon impact).
We let Lucy draw the faces on the pumpkins with marker, and then Joel and I took some artistic liberties with her vision (with steak knives). If you click on the photo below to enlarge, you can see that the pumpkin on the right has 2 top choppers to represent Ed's missing ones, and the pumpkin on the left has 1 lower tooth, for Lucy's (oh, whoops, upon inspection the Lucy-tooth one is not pictured here -- sorry!). The squirrels have since done some pretty severe damage.
Here are the kids dressed for tumbling this morning:
People ask Ed whether he's a pirate, a warrior, a knight, a soldier... and he always responds "I'm a HERO." And I can't even tell you how many times I had to answer "Mama, where is my Sword of Truth?" this morning. Lots.
Aaaaand... Lucy waiting for the bus.
Joel helped her look up "Flappers" on the internet and everything.

At her school, they let the teachers choose whether or not to celebrate, and I'm surprised how delighted I am that Lucy's class is having a party. I don't really have strong feelings about Halloween (neither for nor against -- though I sure like candy! and dressing up!), but I was a bit appalled when I heard last year that some schools were prohibiting kids from dressing up at all... to the point where they said that kids with any sort of color in their hair would be sent home. I mean, it's a public school and presumably kids would be allowed to have different-colored hair any other day of the school year, but not on Halloween? At some point I feel like that's starting to infringe on civil liberties... but I also think it's a mistake to think that being respectful of diverse cultures means we don't celebrate anything. I mean, how else are we supposed to understand each other and get along in this crazy world, if we don't acknowledge what different cultures get excited about, and why? Plus I usually think more parties is generally a good thing.


Madwoman of Preserve Path said...

So cute, those kiddos of yours! Happy Halloween, everybody!

peggles said...

awesome pumpkin crop!! weren't they so fun to grow and watch get bigger and bigger? i miss that
:(. great costumes, too! happy halloween!

The Morrows said...

Sword of Truth! I love it!

bridget said...

I agree about the Halloween parties. It does seem to be getting a little ridiculous when you can't celebrate anything! I am glad at my school (and the kids') we still celebrate Halloween. I love getting all dressed up!
By the way your kids are super cute!
And I am so jealous of your pumpkin crop. Ours didn't get that big at all!

Meg said...

Bree, the trick is to buy the seeds for the mega-big pumpkins. And prune ruthlessly. :)

Al -- I know! Ed's a big fan of Sleeping Beauty.

Stuart said...

Nice photos. However, what's even scarier than those pumpkins is that hell-infused cat behind you.

Did you get any trick-or-treaters or were they all scared off by that ferocious feline?

Meg said...

I don't see any feline -- do you mean the rat on the stairs? Actually one kid did get scared by that.