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Monday, October 26, 2009

It's a new week, thank goodness

Last week was not a good week for us -- I came down with some dreadful fever/achey thing on Thurs and was pretty much in a tunnel until Sunday. Thank goodness my dad was here to help with the kids and make me tea and buy me Jarlsberg and ginger snaps and caramel-coffee ice cream.
Ed has grown another inch since September. This pic is from their first tumbling class, about a month ago.

Beautiful princesses:


Carol said...

Gah! They so look like they're going to prom. *sigh*

Carol said...

Oh - Lu and Jo, that is. :)

The Morrows said...

Amen, sister--I had mastitis last week and haven't been that miserable in a LONG time. Thank you, God, for drugs!!!

LOVE the Spidey tumbling leo.