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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Garden update

My friend Peg asked for this, and just in case there's even one single other person who might be interested...

OK, taking a walk around the garden, starting with the main patch:

Facing south. Far left is rhubarb, now spent for the year (much to Joel's delighted relief... did I tell you, last time I made a rhubarb pie, Joel said "Rhubarb AGAIN!?!" I mean, really, Joel, your wife is BAKING A PIE and you are complaining. Sheesh).

On the right of the above photo, and on the left of the one below, we have raspberries. Mostly eaten by the gol-blum Japanese beetles. To the right of this shot are the strawberries, finally weeded (phew).

Below we have a super-diverse section of the garden: from left to right there are strawberries, snap or snow peas (I don't know the difference and I don't know what the seed packets said), spinach (now mostly gone), the crazy walking onion and crazy dill, followed by more peas and then the watermelons and the pumpkins on the far upper-right of the shot.

Close-up of the pumpkins -- we've got maybe 5 pumpkins, and this one is the size of a basketball already.

Watermelons; we planted 2 different kinds and this one has a few little melons -- the biggest (shown here) is maybe the size of my hand?

Still walking in a counterclockwise circle -- this is a better shot of the peas in the foreground

Still walking... the crazy onion is in the middle:

Above is one of three green pepper plants. We've eaten about 3 peppers so far... so good!

Below we have three-plus zucchini plants and the sunflower.

The zukes have been slow to grow. I picked one the other day and this seems to be the next one coming below (attached to the flower)

Our tomato patch (4 plants), with basil in the front.

Close-up of our 2 early-growing tomato plants; a cherry and an early-girl. The basil is flowering and I'm trying to pinch off the flowers but it might be too late.

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peggles said...

your garden looks totally awesome!!! it is just so wonderful to go out and pick and eat and know you grew it yourself! there is some self pride in that. aren't the pumpkins so fun to watch grow? every day they get bigger and bigger!! i realy miss not growing them these past few years (we got hit with vine bores :(