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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Ranting and raving

So, something that crossed my mind today is: is it really my purpose in life (at the moment) to be my children's slave? Because it just kind of really feels like it today.

Mama? Can I wear this?
Mama? Can I eat something?
Mama? Can you open this for me?
Mama? Can you get the tape out of the VCR?
Mama? Can I put my pajamas back on?
Mama? What are we doing tomorrow?
Mama? Can I have a playdate?
Mama? Can you clean up this spill?
Mama? Can you help me get my pajamas off?
Mama? Can you wipe my popo bottom?

Like, do I just happily address all these requests? Because sometimes my own needs (to finish a task, to eat something, to go to the bathroom, fer pete's sakes) conflict with theirs. And I get sooooo sick of the cadence of the "Mama?" It starts to grate on my soul.

Also, last week when my kids were napping like the dickens, I had several people tell me they hoped I was "taking some time for yourself." I do not know what that means. Like, "time for myself," ideally, would mean complete freedom to schedule my days as I wish... and would also necessarily have to include some form of financial freedom as well. The kids napping (or quietly watching a movie, which is officially replacing Naptime because if the kids nap they are awake until 10pm) just means I get a chance to clean up after a meal... or start prepping for the next meal... or clean up all the teensy little messes my kids have made... or throw in a load of laundry... or swish-n-swipe the bathroom...

Now, I DO make time for myself throughout the day to read snippets of the newspaper, do a crossword (or Sudoku! my new obsession! I know I'm like five years late to the Sudoku! party, sorry), and check email. But those feel like supershort bursts of absolutely necessary decompression-time, not exactly "time for myself." To me, "time for myself" would feel more like a week at a spa.

OK sorry! The real reason for this post is some pictures.

Eddie's angry about something; possibly me noticing his mismatched, flood-pants pajamas... and the slippers... and the helmet...

My cousin Bridget and her hub Dan and their kiddos came for a visit. Supercuteness ensued...


bridget said...

Cute pictures!
And I totally agree with the annoying "Mama!" I have even threatened to change my name only I fear they will learn the new name and the whole cycle will begin again!
Oh, and your rhubarb pie was delicious!

Heather said...

I was just talking to Peg about how when I get to go away for a day or, in this case, two days (and this has happened twice in the past 3 years)I have not come home feeling refreshed. Rather, I have come home feeling like it was a tease. What I really need is a week away to regroup and relax. Where's the spa and who's going to pay for it?! :)