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Sunday, November 02, 2008

My funny fambly

OK just some quick funnies from our day:

We're getting ready to go to church, and Joel comes downstairs, with that "I dressed myself" look on his face. I blanch when I see the pants he's chosen: stonewashed high-waisted taper-leg jeans. Our church is NOT a jeans church, but regardless, these things would be frowned upon in any polite company:

So we sit down in church today and I'm holding Ed, who is super cuddly and adorable. He presses his face real close to mine and says "I love you mama."

I whisper back: "I love you too Eddie."

He whispers back: "I like you?"

Me: "Oh! Yes! Thank you! I like you too!"

He repeats: "I LIKE you?"

Me: "I'm happy you like me. I hope you like me!"

At which he opens his mouth real wide and proceeds to LICK the entire length of my face.


So a little later, Lucy has to go potty so I take her in there, and as she's sitting in the stall (with the door open, of course), she peers at me and asks about my skirt.

"What's that on your skirt?"

"Oh, it's a sash. Like a belt. It's just for decoration."

"When I get bigger I'm going to wear that skirt."

"Well, thanks. You have good taste in clothes."

(Pause; Lucy tilts her head)

"Except mommy, I think I'd wear a different shirt."

*Sigh* Shot down again.


Heather said...

Laughing at the jeans! We went to the "mall" in Manhattan today to find jeans for Brian. Ugh. They have the sears version of jeans or the Hollister version of jeans. There was one pair from JC Penney he was going to get until I told him I "wouldn't call them cool jeans....maybe more like functional jeans." Ugh. Doing my part to keep him from losing all fashion sense here in Kansas. :)

bridget said...

My question is where did he find those jeans?? Why were they in your house in the first place??

Meg said...

Oh, this is the best part: they were hand-me-downs from his dad. Hey Joel, if a pair of jeans with any wear left in 'em at ALL are eschewed by John Gronau, chances are you shouldn't wear 'em, either.

Anonymous said...

All right so I have nada when it comes to fashion sense. I still stick to my comment as I was ridiculed into changing that the jeans were so bad that their cool again.

Much thanks to my wifey for saving me from humiliation. JG

Tendrils said...

Great post! :)

I tagged ya over at my site. ;)