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Saturday, November 01, 2008


I forgot to mention a couple things:

YES, Carol took all the photos. She rocks; I suck. She's smart, I'm stupid. She's good-looking, I'm... not attractive.

It didn't really hit me until Just Now that Lu and Ed dressed as the exact same things, respectively, two Halloweens in a row.
Last year, Ed let me draw whiskers on him. Not so this time!

I guess Lucy technically added the "fairy" to her princess costume this year. Details.
Yikes! Our old kitchen. Now there's something scary. :)
ALSO, when I was busy crabbing about being cold last Tuesday, I TOTALLY MISSED FREE WORLD SERIES TACOS!!!! DANG IT ALL!!!!
Also, I am kind of really excited to watch the election coverage on Tuesday.
Also, I do not understand how some people make a living as writers when they are obviously lazy, uncreative doofuses. I made a favorite recipe for dinner tonight, clipped out of a newspaper several years ago by my mama. The recipe is to die for, but the "article" was this gal's column about "how to make a favorite recipe more healthful!" And literally, she changed the Italian dressing to fat-free, and she changed the peanut-butter to reduced-fat, and she used low-sodium soy sauce. AND CALLED IT A COLUMN AND GOT PAID FOR IT. Give me a stinkin' break!!
And in the At Home section of the St Paul Pioneer Press, this Marcia or Martha Lyons does this "home makeover" thing that they publish almost every Saturday. I get sucked into reading it every week because it shows home floor plans that they change to make more updated and beautiful and user-friendly. But, like, seriously? Marcia apparently has an unlimited budget because they basically gut the entire joint every single week, adding on gigantic additions on every-which-side of every house. Um, yeah -- pretty sure I could also build a dream home out of a 1980s split-level, given $300,000 and no building constraints.
Joel made popcorn and dug a cream soda out of the basement for me, so I gots to go watch Iron Man! Toodles!


Alison Strobel Morrow said...

"Also, I do not understand how some people make a living as writers when they are obviously lazy, uncreative doofuses."

SO glad you went on to clarify it was some newspaper columnist, because for a minute there I was SURE you were talking about me. I don't know how I do it either.

pilgrimchick said...

Wow--novel. Add the same ingredients in the reduced fat or fat free category to make a recipe more healthy.

CarolSue said...

Thanks for the props... however, for the record, I happen to think you rock, and are just as smart and good-looking as I. Otherwise, I would not hang out with you.


CarolSue said...
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