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Friday, August 15, 2008

Guys and Dolls

Well thanks for checking back!

Guys and Dolls opens at the Maplewood Community Center (2100 White Bear Ave N) on Friday, Aug. 15 and runs through Aug 24 (next Sunday). You should come see it!

The kids (and all us grownups) have worked VERY hard on this show and it is really great. It's fun and funny with loads of good singing and dancing. You can buy tickets at the door -- they're only like $10. Some pix!


Molly said...

Where are you in those pictues?

Meg said...

Oh, I'm totally not in the show! I choreographed a couple numbers and helped with some of the directing. And I apply fake lashes, and I curl hair, and I force teenage boys to use hair gel and a comb, and I run about half of the fly rail (pulling the ropes that lift the curtains and set drops on and off the stage). And I yell at kids to be quiet backstage, and I give them hugs when they cry because they think they screwed up a dance, or flubbed a line, or forgot their nylons, or stuff.

Rebecca said...

Meg--we LOVED the show! Great choreography! Thanks for inviting us!

bridget said...

I wish we could see one fo your shows. Maybe sometime we will!

Alison Strobel Morrow said...

Aw man! That's one of my favorite musicals! I wish I could come see it! Break a leg!