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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The poop scoop!

AKA, The Plot Thickens (or does that give you a bad visual?)

Last night, Joel felt ishy before we went to bed. By 1 AM he was up, sick as a dog. He called in to work today and has been napping on and off. Even on the happiest, healthiest weekend days, Joel's mere presence throws my entire Daily Schedule into a tailspin, so it's for the Greater Good that he's confined himself to his Man Cave in the basement.

So I lurk about the house with the dread akin to a caged turkey's while counting down the days until Thanksgiving -- much uncomfortableness is coming and I can't really do much about it.

So help us solve this mysterious Superbug:

Ed vomited late Saturday night and had several very messy diapers through Monday, but has really seemed fine since then, although he didn't really eat anything until Monday evening. Lucy had messy bottoms Monday morning and then started vomiting -- her last go was about 6PM Monday, after which she immediately perked up and demanded food. Joel got sick late Monday night and continues to feel poorly.

Joel's mom, dad, two sisters, Jeff, and at least two cousins (all of whom were at the same party on Sunday afternoon) are ALL very ill. Which would make me think: Aha! Food poisoning! Except that Ed was sick Saturday night. So what gives? Either Ed's illness was just a weird coincidence and everyone else was food-poisoned, or he managed to get everyone else sick within 24 hours.

I actually still feel great, but I'm second-guessing every little shiver, tummy-rumble, and muscle twinge. It's OK, I'm only supposed to be in a show this weekend. Oof.

I aftergott to mention that I finished the last Harry Potter book last week -- does anybody want to talk about it!??! Please?!


Jean said...

I think you need to ask Dr. House, the diagnostic wizard. He would know what's wrong with your family.
And your link to my blog makes me think I'm a nun. Speaking of The Sound of Music, did you know that the actual Maria von Trapp was an extra in the 'I Have Confidence' number? Just a little trivia for ya.

CarolSue said...

Joel's mere presence in my car for all of 4 minutes Monday afternoon now has me verrrrryyyy nervous.

Be well. :) Seriously.

Katers said...

Sorry about the flu, never fun for anyone. I loved, loved the book...or at least the last few chapters! Feel free to pick my brain away!

Rebecca said...

I want to read the you own it? I suppose I could trudge over to the community library and snag a copy...

See you Sunday!

Pat said...

I'll talk to you about Harry Potter!!! I loved the last book.