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Monday, December 10, 2007

My kids never get sick, my kids never get sick

My kids are sick.

Actual vomiting. Who ever heard of such a thing? Ed actually seems to be rallying -- Lucy, however, is very, very sad. It's heartbreaking.

We hardly ever watch Barney, but Barney's voice sounds different to me today. Did they get a new actor, or something?


MC said...

Hang in there, Meg! I hope you are stocked up on Febreze.

Heather said...

Oh, Barney is a staple in our house. Your ears heard right - Barney is a different guy now whose voice, believe it or not, is even more irritating. He sounds like he is mocking himself.

I hope the kids are feeling better! Jackson is fine (knock on wood) - please don't be sorry. Thanks for the heads up though. Hopefully, we'll all make it through this week in one piece and then we can all crash.

See you tomorrow night!

Rebecca said...

Yuck. Poor kids...hang in there!