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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Fun with face-recognition! has this amazing software that can do this (I couldn't find a decent photo of myself, alas!):


Lisa Anderson said...

OK - I like your example better. That site said I look like Nicolas Cage. What? I don't think so!

Meg said...

I suppose I should have clarified: I couldn't find a decent photo of myself, so I used one of my sister Jean. Ooops!

Jean said...

I don't see Ace Young up there.

Meg said...

Even more suspect is the fact that Joel didn't get Joey Fatone on his!! WHAAAT!??

I got Frankie Muniz and Matthew Broderick for me... which is partly why I used yours. At least you look FEMALE.

Oh, but we both got Christy Turlington -- we must actually look like her!

Heather said...

Yeah, well I did this with a picture of Jackson when he was about 4 months old and you know who one of his matches was? OPRAH.

What the...?!