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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Hives, Attitude, and Ed keeps smiling

Brief report: Since last Thursday, Lucy has this recurring rash thing all over her legs, arms, and occasionally bottom and face. It looks like hives (raised, irregular, with yellow/white centers), it's hot to the touch, and it comes and goes mostly in the evening. Took her to urgent care Friday night because she also had a 102 temp at the same time (that was our "date", hooray) and the doc said it was a virus that would come and go over the next few days.

No rash all weekend -- but yesterday evening it came back. And then went away again, within a couple hours.

Also, she's been screaming. And not just a wordless scream (which would be bad enough), but she's actually screaming unkind things like "GET BACK HERE RIGHT NOW MOMMY!" and "NO EAT NOW NO WAY JAMIE!" in a very nasty tone, like you or I might use if our child was about to run into oncoming traffic. Not a scream to be used lightly. So, obviously, she's hearing this language and this tone somewhere.

So we're a little freaked out by these developments.
And we're supposed to put our house on the market in 2 weeks.
And Joel's out of town this week.
And I'm starting class this week.
And Lucy is turning 2 next week. Can you believe that? Two. How did that happen.


Lisa Anderson said...

Could she be getting that from the kids at daycare? Maybe its a sign to quit work and stay home :) It sounds like she needs some quality time with her mommy!

bridget said...

Sounds like Lucy is two already! Megan has been quite a little stinker too. I get "right now" all the time from her. It's making me a little crazy too.

Meg said...


Really? Meg does that too? Where does that "right now" come from?

Alison Strobel Morrow said...

Oh no, poor Lu. That sounds miserable. And that screaming thing is weird. It must be coming from daycare. Or TV?

She's turning TWO? Are you sure? Lord.

The Madwoman of Preserve Path said...

It's always tempting, isn't it, to assume that our kids' misbehavior is because of something WE'VE done? Kids start behaving stinkily as soon as they ... can. Really. It's part of that long process that eventually ends in their complete independence from us. They test us along the way to see if they're getting it right. They mimic others' tricks to see if they'll work. All we can do is explain the errors of their ways and model the behavior we expect. You'll find just as many stinkers with stay-home mommies as with mommies who work outside their homes.

Meg said...

Thanks, Madwoman. (I love having madwomen around!)
You're right, of course -- sometimes the stinkiness starts even earlier (like in the womb, when they pretend not to be there at all and make Mommy think she's taking crazy pills).
I should mention, too, that Lu has been spending less time at day care of late, which pulls her from her familiar routine. And I should know by now that toddlers live and die by their routines.

She has toned down the screaming in the last couple days. Now, she says in a very polite voice: "Mommy, come here right now. Pease?"

Rebecca said...

Wow! 2 years old!

You'll have to fill me in on this whole moving thing...where? when?