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Monday, August 07, 2006

"Projects... We Got Projects"

Or... "Would You Buy A Book Full of Little Anecdotes Like This?"

We own three good towels.

They’re not GREAT towels. I think I paid $10 apiece. But they’re big, and fluffy, and red. The red that matches our shower curtain. The red that is the accent color of the bathroom.

So we needed to paint the bathroom, and Joel took some time off work to do so (in addition to tackling about 35 other projects… and if you think I’m exaggerating, I will list them for you). And when I got home to inspect his work, I found that the paint looked fabulous on the walls (and ceiling, long story) of the bathroom.

I also found that the paint did NOT look quite as fabulous on my towels. And on my shower curtain. And all over the sink. And the toilet. And various other bathroom toiletries and accessories that were apparently too much trouble to remove from the bathroom prior to beginning a painting project.

So, like, the toiletries and shower curtain, I could see -- because the shower curtain can be bunched up in the middle of the rod, away from the walls and, ostensibly, safe from paint splatters -- and, oops, a big splatter, oh well. And paint, of course, can be scraped off a sink, floor etc.

But the TOWELS!?!? Need I remind you, we do not have some wild uber-high-tech bathroom where towels float in midair. Nay, when they are not bunched up in a puddle on the floor, our towels generally HANG FROM THE WALLS.

As a side note to other husbands who may be tempted to try this trick: interior latex paint does not machine-wash off of terrycloth.

Someday, Joel is going to be arrested and charged with murder or some other heinous crime. And he will be found Not Guilty by reason of Chronic Insanity. And all it will take... is my testimony.


Jean said...

But it's not that he doesn't care! I was there when it happened, and I heard an certain expletive (which will remain nameless) muttered over and over after it happened. If he didn't care, he wouldn't have said anything, right??

Anonymous said...

A for effort for Joel and A for you for not killing him Megs! What color is the bathroom and accesories now? much love from AZ Aunt Denise

Meg said...

The bathroom walls are now off-white mixed with white -- kind of a stucco look.
The towels and shower curtain are now red-splattered-with-stucco-look. Truly, though, there are worse looks out there. :) :) :)
Hi Aunt Denise! Hope you guys are well and saying cool out there!

Alison Strobel Morrow said...

Yes, I would buy that book. :)

Neighborino Pat said...

Don't kill him - I would have no one to drink beer with.

Neighborina Nicole said...

HA! That previous post from the Man that wiped Cheeto dust on my white living room chairs ... in front of me, no less!

Then again, Papa G's heart was in the right place. Look at it this way: now your bathroom walls and towels are REALLY coordinated!

Fat Daddy JG said...

Jean is right many expletives were used in the making of messes everywhere. To clarify though the bathroom painting occurred between the hours of 10pm and 3:30 am. It's great stuff it's called Manda Mudd. Kind of spendy but it covers all messes, rough walls etc. It's a 3 step process that involves the use of a trowel, fun eh.

For the record. The world would be a better place if towels were never used. :)

The Madwoman of Preserve Path said...

I know someone who decided that bath towels were only for looks. She said she hopped out of the shower, wrapped herself in a big, terry robe or air-dried. She had no children. No husband, either. Which, in turn, could mean this: Towels are for cleaning up paint, oil, gas or dog poop. Robes are for women who have no husbands or children or who don't want any.